Healthy Home, Healthy Air Quality

Vancouver Real EstateWith winter in full swing in many areas, most windows are closing up and very little outdoor air is let in.  In the name of energy efficiency, our homes are now designed to help keep the cold out.  Unfortunately, though this is important in most regards, it can mean that very little fresh air is let into the home.

When little outdoor air is allowed into a home the air quality can become stale and deteriorate.  Without adequate ventilation, home air quality can even become toxic.

Some of the worst pollutants are actually located right inside our homes.  Without fresh circulating air to remove these, illnesses and allergies can result.

If you’re worried about the air quality of your Vancouver real estate there are many things you can do.  Below is a list of suggestions for keeping your air quality top notch during these long winter months.

Before anything else you’ll want to consider changing your furnace’s purifier air filter.  It you’ve never done this, this is certainly a good place to start.  If you have central air conditioning especially or continuous furnace air circulation changing your filter regularly is crucial.

Bathroom fans are actually important to air quality as well.  Experts suggest keeping your bathroom fan running for up to an hour after a shower.  This, alongside a range hood can help to remove stale odours and moist air from your home to the outside.  Using these are easy ways to improve your overall air quality without a great investment.

HRVs, or heat recovery ventilators are ventilators designed to allow for the removal of stale air from the home and the allowance of fresh air into the home.  As the name suggests these ventilators warm the cool air from the outdoors as it comes into the home.

HRVs are economical and allow for clean, well filtered air to come into the home.  Nowadays you can also purchase something known as an ERV, which is an Energy Recovery Ventilator.  These ventilators not bring in heated air, but they also allow some moisture into the home when needed to help keep the air more humid.

HEPA filters are also great for those suffering from allergies and other illnesses like asthma.  These will improve air quality and help remove dust and other irritants.

Cleaning out the ducts is also important to keeping air quality top notch in your home.  In most cases, ducts should be cleaned every two or three years.  Dryer vents likewise should be cleaned out every year.

Maintaining a healthy air flow is essential to good health and wellbeing.  The above tips are simple ways to help improve the quality of your home air.

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