Rise in Housing Sales

homes for sale vancouver December 2011 saw a reported rise in housing sales of 1.8 percent from November.  Moreover, this number was up 4.6 percent over the previous year.

The Canadian Real Estate Association reported these numbers just last Monday.  Total sales in December were at 39,033 whereas the year earlier they were only coming in at 23,669 units.

Seasonally adjusted this means that sales were up 2.2 percent.  New listings likewise rose three percent during the last month of the year.

Low interest rates are being held responsible for the continued rise in demand and housing market activity.  Realtors Vancouver and Vancouver realtors groups agree that the market continues to draw in potential buyers and sellers.

Though buyers are being sometimes cautious, the numbers suggest that the activity will continue on into this year.  Property for sale Vancouver and homes for sale Vancouver are all seeing high turnover rates.

The real estate market will continue to help the Canadian economy whether international economic storms.  Nevertheless, realtor Vancouver and other experts do expect sales to be somewhat flat during the coming year.

For some this is good news as it suggests that incomes may be able to slowly catch up to the high prices.

For others, however, the low interest rates mean that there will continue to be a good deal of activity in the market.  Momentum will continue apace, even though the increase in prices may slow.

Interest rates are expected to remain low for this year which means that homes will be more affordable.  Condos for sale Vancouver and homes for sale Vancouver will remain attractive investments for domestic and international buyers.

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