Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

realtor vancouverIf you are seeking to light up a walkway or garden path to your Vancouver home then you may want to think twice before investing in the latest trend towards solar powered outdoor lighting.  While the idea of saving on energy, matched with the low cost of many of these lights seems incredibly appealing, the truth of the matter is that these lights might not do the job you’re hoping.

These solar lights are certainly selling like hotcakes.  The affordable nature of these lights and the attractive designs they come in are great selling features.  Add to this the fact that you don’t have to stumble around cords and place lights only near power outlets and there’s no surprise that many stores are selling these lights in droves.

However, just how useful are these lights when it comes to actually lighting your driveway or path?  According to the experts, not very.

Unfortunately, the amount of light that these can emit is very low.  While a solar LED light can typically emit about 1.2 lumens of light, a single 23 watt compact florescent bulk emits 1600 lumens.

Given these figures it is pretty clear than when it comes to actually lighting an area, the solar powered lights tend to fail pretty miserably.  The biggest complaint is that they simply aren’t bright enough for night time visibility.

If you are really committed to using these lights though, you can try grouping many of them together in order to try to create better visibility.  You should be aware though that in certain climates and in certain seasons you just won’t get enough sunlight to benefit much.

Using these strategically during the summer months may work to save you some on your energy bills, but you’ll probably want to have some other lights around as well to help brighten the way.  Moreover, the solar lights would probably do well to be kept indoors during the Winter months.

In the end, though these are certainly affordable, until the storage capacity and luminescence quality improve, they serve better as decorations than true light sources.  They can however help make your lawn or garden more attractive especially if you are attempting to sell your Vancouver home.  Homes for sale in Vancouver can be made more appealing with a well lit outdoor area.

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