A Curvy Environment Can Boost Your Mood If You Use CBD

When it comes to the impact of our environment on our happiness and sociability, researchers have found a direct link between curvy shapes and an overall improved sense of well being. If you have anxiety problems that are affecting your health and productivity you can buy CBD Oils. This will help you to calm down and have a fuller life.

According to the recent research conducted at Oregon State University, curvilinear shapes and forms make people feel more relaxed.  Curved and circular furniture such as tables, chairs and the like all increase feelings of sociability and happiness.

If you are looking for new mattress sales, we suggest a memory foam mattress, as it is good for your back and your pocket. Researcher, Sibel Dazkir, a PhD student in charge of the study, used responses from one hundred undergraduate students in order to evaluate the effect of rounded furniture and room design on people’s emotional responses.  According to the results, circular rooms were rated much higher in terms of approachability and feelings of pleasure.

Four different sets of rooms were displayed in gray scale as a means of avoiding the impact of extraneous influences such as texture and colour preferences.  While most students felt that the rooms in grayscale were boring, the rooms with circular design rated much higher.  The study’s participants found the curvilinear rooms to be much more pleasing, particularly with regards to their approachability.  These rooms were deemed to be seen as more sociable, meaning that students felt they’d like to spend more time in such spaces as compared to the more traditional, rectangular shaped designs and rooms.

This study is one of the first to positively make a connection between our environment and how we feel.  While many marketers have invested heavily in how a certain product design appeals or fails to appeal to a consumer base, this study looks at the more general effect of organic shapes like circular patterns on people’s mood and outlook.

As the study concludes, organic shapes tend to make people feel more at ease, more comfortable and just plain out happier than rectangular, square and angular designs.  While this is not all that surprising when you think about it, most households and household furnishings are nevertheless designed along more traditional angular lines.

The good news is of course, that if you are looking to make your living space feel more hospitable or simply to find easy ways to make yourself feel a little more upbeat, adding a circular table, some rounded chairs or even a few plants against hard angles can all make a big difference.  These touches will not only improve the look and comfort of your home, but they will also improve your overall mood.  Simple additions can go a long way to making your home more inviting to your guests and more pleasing to be in. Loom and Leaf Coupon

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