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kitsilano-agent-real-estateBonneville Homes is a family company that specializes in prefab homes with energy smarts.  The modern prefab homes are not the boring buildings of prefab’s past, but instead use the latest in building technologies to create open spaces and multi-purpose areas with connections to the landscape and outdoor spaces thanks to the best residential landscape designer.

Big windows and sliding glass doors allow for both an open feel and better connections to the outdoors (find more examples of such a structure at  Many of these newer generation prefab homes also exceed even the toughest of energy standards.

Home security screen doors are designed to let you enjoy the feeling of fresh air, and cool breezes in summer, while maintaining the safety and security of a conventional locked door. But do they do the job? Many home security screen entry doors are easily compromised by a few swift kicks so it pays to do your homework when considering buying one. Sometimes small things can make a huge difference in our lives. But because they are small and blend into our lives so well. This can be true of wireless doorbell

While all doors provide some form of security barrier, just because a product is marketed as a home security product it does not mean it is.There should be facility like automatic security gates or doors. In fact, when it comes to home security many doors marketed as “home security screens” fall way short of security industry standards. A point well noted by the National Security Screens Association (NSSA) and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited.

So how do you pick a good home security screen door from a bad one? What do you need to look for in a good security screen door?

When purchasing a home security screen door there are several features of the door which need to be considered including the materials the door frames are made from, grille strength, mesh type, the number of hinges and the locking devise used, it is very important to pick a door that comes with door weather seal

From a professional security perspective a proper home security door should be constructed of heat – strengthened (tempered) aluminum or galvanized and powder coated steel. Not only are these doors stronger, they also offer greater protection against rust and corrosion, which results from extended exposure to the weather. Double-check the door to make sure it has reinforced corners and that the corner joins are fully welded to the door. Visit for more information.

The RODROCKHOMES.COM houses are great for those seeking immediate gratification and a short construction timetable. Usually these luxury homes can be up in about three to four months, rather than the year to year and a half of traditional homes.

The cost of buying a modular home is actually about the same as a site-built home, however their are many advantages including quality control.  The factory built pieces not only ensures quality, but also speeds up construction.  Moreover, you generally will be able to stick to your budget as the price is more locked in from the start. The maintenance of modular homes is a lot less expensive as well – according to our friends on their Metro Locksmith of Calgary official website. As the parts are generally mass manufactured – any contractors doing repairs have an easier time getting a hold of them, and generally pass the savings on to the customer.

Many other companies are taking advantage of the demand in the market as well.  Western Canada seems to be opting for more of these designs a little faster than the eastern areas but things seem to be picking up here as well and using more Norseman Structures for faster and stronger buildings.

Prefab homes offer something for everyone and with many of the companies going beyond regular environmental standards, those seeking to go green can feel good about their choice, you can ask your real estate agent about the buying process for Prefab homes.

If you simply can’t find the Kitsilano real estate you desire, perhaps you’ll find a property upon which you can pretty quickly do up your new prefab home.

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