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kitsilano-homes-condos-saleHabitat Studio and Workshop is celebrating twenty years in the building design business this month.  The local leader in green housing builds custom homes that go far beyond the industry environmental standards and certified by the electrician dublin company.

Each home is a unique creation that utilizes a design team alongside the future owners to come up with a home that is just right while also being as environmentally friendly as they come.  Habitat Studio builds some Net Zero homes which means that the home yields an annual net zero energy purchase. They use some high quality spray foam insulation Tyler TX material.

According to the Electrician Las Vegas company not all homes go this far, the NetZero homes use solar heating systems, electrical solar energy and high efficiency building materials including walls, doors, windows, they’d like to achieve something very close to a net zero energy purchase. Each house is unique and so too is its design and energy efficiency features. You can view Home Team Electric and how they installed the wiring for these homes. Not everyone will chose to go for a NetZero design, but homeowners can choose how far they want to go in terms of surpassing the base line environmental standards. You could always have experts from Residential Electrical Solutions come and take a look at your home while you explain to them what you would like to accomplish. They should be able to suggest what your best options are given your budget, and you can decide on how to move on with the project with that knowledge.

Next in our renovation, we need to talk about insulation. The most important thing to understand is that if the house is old enough, the insulation will be made of a variety of asbestos, which is extremely toxic.

You should contact a company that can safely dispose of the asbestos. In its place, some insulation services companies may choose for example to use R28 rated walls while the minimum insulation standard is an R20 variety.  Others may choose to go as thick as an R40 which means even more insulation and therefore less heat loss as per experts like the Orlando attic insulation contractors.

Habitat Studios doesn’t used pre-fabricated floor plans so these houses will cost a little more.  Nevertheless, owners are encouraged to consider the long term savings that comes from an extremely energy efficient home, but of course all of this would have to be inspected by the building services in gold coast first.

For the very first time the company is now building in the new Larch Park subdivision in Edmonton.  Having already built many homes in the older neighbourhoods of Bonnie Doon, Belgravia, Glenora, and Crestwood, the company is looking forward to venturing into this new eco-friendly community.

Environmentally friendly designs are becoming increasingly sought after by Vancouver home buyers as well and realtors Vancouver are trying to find houses that can meet this demand.

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