Canada’s Smallest Condo to be Built in Surrey

vancouver real estateTien Sher, a Surrey condo development company, is hoping to build what would be Canada’s smallest condo.  The Vancouver condos for sale, would start at a mere 290 square feet, with other suites ranging in size from 305 square feet to 653 square feet including air conditioning service.

The Tien Sher project, known as Balance, would see about 56 of these very small micro suites built in the four-storey building.  These suites would have five stainless steel appliances, a balcony and wood floors throughout.

A per the local real estate agencies sixty per cent of the building would be made of these mini-suites, which would be less than 305- square foot dwellings.  The largest of the suites, the one bedroom units, are set to be 653 square-feet in total.

You may want to take into consideration the weather where the construction will be located. Adding heating with hvac Columbia SC air conditioning can safe your life and also make you breathe cleaner air.

The aim of the project, says company president, Charan Sethi, is simply to create more affordable housing with residential hvac services for all people.  For those average income households, these condos would be a good deal more affordable.

This project is not going to cut costs or save time and space on amenities, however. A commercial heating company has been tasked to ensure the proper ventilation and cooling/heating  is provided to every room of every condo. The air conditioning installation and heating will be properly supervised.The small size while being the distinguishing factor, will not be missing features. A burner service will be used onsite during construction.

The building would be set in the Quattro development, a mere seven minutes from the Gateway SkyTrain Station on 108th avenue.

By building smaller units and denser designs, more people would be able to afford to buy their own Vancouver condo recently tuned up by the local hvac companies.  The suites start as low as $109,000.  Thus, the company hopes that more people living on what are average incomes will be able to buy into their own real estate.

For those who can manage a six thousand dollar down payment and who make at least $17 dollars an hour, these homes offer an affordable option.  With an average income of about $35,000 and monthly payments of only around $650 a month, many working people would find this condo to fit within their budget.

Because new mortgage rules have made it tougher for people to quality for mortgages due to rules limiting the amortization periods to 25 years, fewer people are able to get into the Vancouver real estate market.  The slowdown over the past few months is in part a reflection of this.

So far it seems the Surrey city council is responding favorably to the plans, so if all goes well, the development should be going forward soon. If you move in and find you require a tune-up for your air conditioning unit, we recommend the local heating repair contractor as they have many good reviews around the block.

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