Canadian House Sales Pick Up Steam

Vancouver RealtorsWhile homes for sale in Vancouver are leveling off, in other areas of the country they have picked up steam.  This upward trend has been particularly noticeable in the Toronto area.

We looked at several residential homes for sale in the area. The market is currently alive and well, with lots of houses to choose from, with the past three months of stable healthy activity. According to the Canadian Real Estate Associate things are starting to pick up even more.

The group said that since August sales have risen about 2.7 percent.

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Low mortgage rates have continued to interest buyers and to draw people in to the housing market.  On the national front the number of listed homes has remained pretty steady.

Whereas homes and condos for sale in Vancouver have climbed, and Vancouver realtors report a buyers’ market in Metro Vancouver, across the rest of the countries the numbers speak to a very balanced situation.

The national ratio of sales to new listings which stands as a measure by which to gauge market stability, is at 52.8 percent.  This remarkably even rate suggests that the Canadian housing market is a very stable investment at present.

Despite some disparity across the various regions of the country, things are looking remarkably balanced as a whole.

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