Car Condos Afford Extra Space for your Vehicles

kitsilano-condosOne of the common problems of condo living is the lack of storage space that garages offer.  As many Kitsilano real estate agents will tell you, those looking at condos frequently have questions and concerns about storage space and parking.

One of the most often sited issues of condo living is the absence of space for the stuff that would typically fill a garage.  This not only includes cars and bikes, but also all those other things that tend to accumulate.

Though most condos are sold with at least one parking spot, for families or commuting couples this often isn’t enough.  Some condos may come with two parking spots, but the price is always higher.

Most of the time the parking spots are factored into the condo price.  Experts say that depending on where your condo is, this can add as much as 20,000 to 100,000 thousand onto your buying price.

Though there are guidelines that govern parking space size, some simply are too tight especially for SUVs and minivans so popular today.  The inadequate spaces can give rise to conflict with neighbours and even scratches to car door lights and other damage to vehicles.

These issues have led to the development of new types of solutions amongst developers.  For instance, a developer based in Toronto has added a single garage to his townhomes.  Unlike other single garages however this one includes a 12 foot ceiling and a hydraulic lift that allows for two car storage.

One car can be raised to the ceiling whilst the other remains on the ground, or alternatively both can be stored up high.  When leaving you can lower a vehicle without disturbing the other.

For others who prefer investing in collector vehicles there are also secure condos for cars.  They’ve worked in California and Arizona, and no doubt there is a market in Canada where the weather means that a climate-controlled environment  is even more essential to the well-being of your precious Austin Martin.

Interest in car condos has been expressed by some in Ottawa.  Though prices are estimated to range between $75,000 and $200,000 it is an investment like any other.  Plus, these condos could also provide a good social venue for fellow car collectors and enthusiasts.

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