Chalkboard’s for a Busy Home

kitsilano-home-ideas-real-estateOne of the latest design fads to hit the homes of families is the French cottage inspired chalkboard piece.  More and more families are deciding to designate a wall for a chalkboard as a means of keeping track of a busy schedule and/or simply as a means of providing a cozy design touch.

Chalkboard paint is available from most hardware stores and can be used almost anywhere regular paint can.  As such, where you choose to put your chalkboard can be as personal a choice as the items and reminders you need to put on it.

Designating a wall for a chalkboard is nothing new, my friend’s design build firm in Chicago has been doing this for years, it is a great way to add a little texture to your home.  Many families also report that it offers a very personal touch.  The wallpapers shop can be provided semi-glossy or glossy paint. 

The chalkboard space can be a fun place for everyone to see what is coming up on the schedule and/or simply to be reminded of what’s important for their family.
Keeping some of the chalkboard at child height is really important to some.  This allows kids their own space to write down their ideas, beliefs, to keep track of chores or simply to doodle.

Offering kids their own space to write helps them feel part of the decision making in the family.  A centralized wall can help bring individuals together especially when common goals or quotes are clearly visible.

Kids especially can benefit from these visual cues and reminders.  Choosing quotes or family mottos and putting them up on a shared visual space can go a long way to instilling the values you would like your children to poses.

Most importantly perhaps, these chalkboard paints can easily be painted over should the need arise.  As such if you have a Kitsilano home for sale or are seeking Kitsilano real estate than don’t fret if you see one of these chalkboards or if you have one yourself.  These really are easily erased should you need to rethink your design.

For the moment though these chalkboards are all the rage.  Chalkboards can even be made in various colours by following a simple recipe available online.

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