Child’s Room Decor Tips

vancouver realtorWhen it comes to home decor, the baby or child’s bedroom can often be left behind.  Alternatively, thinking only in pinks and blues can also leave a nursery or child’s bedroom feeling clichéd or unoriginal.

Decorating these spaces can make a huge difference in how you and the child feel about the bedroom space.  Rather than letting these spaces be drab, cluttered or out of date, try these tips below for a room both you and your little one can surely enjoy.

Colour:  Rather than going heavy with traditional gendered-colours, try using a more neutral background like white, taupe or cream.  Though parents might be wary of how dirty these walls may get, try adding elements like a coloured strip at waist height, or a designated chalk board for scribbling. 

Choosing neutral colours helps keep the room from getting dated and/or from being overly dark.  As children’s rooms are often smaller, lighter tones help the space feel bigger and more airy.  You can always add other elements like rugs, drapes and baby friendly furniture to add to the colour scheme.

Flooring:  For floors you can choose either to simply do a painted floor or use durable, stain resistant carpeting.  A washable carpet is obviously ideal and again a neutral tone will ensure the room can be used for other things at another point in time without feeling dated.

Lighting:  Lighting of course should be key and should be subdued enough to provide a relaxing feel.  A dimmer switch will go a long way towards helping you calm the child’s space before bed without leaving them totally in the dark.

Furniture:  When it comes to furniture child sized doesn’t have to mean cheap or ugly looking.  To save a little without skimping on quality choose items capable of lasting through the early years.  Cribs that convert into toddler beds are one such item that can help make your investment go further.

If you are using drapes, curtain or blinds make sure that no strings or ties are within your child’s reach.  Door hinges can also be a real problem so be sure to install safety traps and to childproof all plug outlets and fixtures.

Windows obviously need secure locks and hard flooring can be made more child friendly by adding anti-skid mats and rugs.  Check for any head height shelves that may come undone or be a hazard.

Of all places, children’s rooms really need to combine form and function.  A well laid out child’s space is key to a happy household.  It is also a great way to show off your Kitsilano house for sale to interested buyers.

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