Choosing a House Size that Meets your Needs

House Size - Vancouver Real EstateWhen it comes to choosing a new home, size really does matter.  But interestingly, the size you choose is often dependent on your age and cultural background.

Most people in the market for a home are hoping to get something as big as they can for their money.  According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, the median size that home buyers are looking for is 2,226 square feet. Many people prefer to build their own house, here are some great 2 storey home designs. Looking at the figures however also reveals a fairly significant variety in how big the desired home is.  This variety is a result of numerous factors some of which include, age, race, and ethnicity.

Of course it is no surprise that as age increases, space requirements do to.  Vancouver real estate shoppers who have kids that have already left home are simply not going to need the same space as those who have multiple kids living under the same roof.

For those buyers over the age of sixty-five, many want a home that is slightly under the median, at 2,065 square feet.

For younger buyers looking to invest in Vancouver real estate, more space is desirable.  These buyers are looking for something closer to 2,494 square feet. The buyers are also keen on security solution specifics, which are to be found at

Age is however not the only factor in the space decision.  Minority buyers actually typically look for more space than white buyers do.  White, non-Hispanic, buyers on average were looking for a home that could offer about 2,197 square feet, whilst Hispanic buyers opted for something closer to 2,347 square feet.

The survey found that African American buyers, บริการ รับ สร้าง บ้าน, on average, wanted closer to 2,664 square feet.

Obviously there are many other factors affecting how big you want to go in terms of your home.  Family size, maintenance and above all cost will ultimately affect what you choose in the end.

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