Condo Buying and Model Suites

vancouver real estateWhen it comes to buying a Vancouver real estate, appearances can sometimes be deceiving.  For many first time real estate buyers, not knowing which questions to ask, particularly when viewing a model suite, can lead to disappointment when it comes time to move in to your own apartment. Here you can find everything, from an apartment rental to a Single family real estate for sale,  most model suites are designed to make you want to sign on the dotted line, and the developers are available for further changes.

Expensive materials and exquisite designs are often used to make the model suite as attractive to buyers as possible.  Generally, no expense is spared on this suite and major differences can sometimes arise between what you’re shown and what you get.

It is therefore important for potential buyers who have only the model suite to go on, to stop and ask how and in what ways their suite will differ from that which is being shown.

For instance, model suites can sometimes be made in showrooms that have very high ceilings.  Though this might not be intentional on the developers part, in general you should ensure that you have an idea of the actual dimensions of your suite.

It can be very difficult for buyers to visualize lower ceilings or smaller spaces when they have just seen the showroom.  Try to step back a little and visualize how things might feel in a smaller space or with a foot or two less height to the ceilings.  If possible check out other condos like Ola condos similar in size to the one you’ll be purchasing, rather than the model suite you’ve seen.

Often model suites lack doors which can also give the impression of a larger, more open space.  These showrooms will have doors from a local contractor, learn more from them here, you’ll see the space as it will be when you move in.

Sometimes the Vacation Condominiums have all the possible upgrades visible, for instance beautiful crown moulding, which is however not included in the price you’ve been quoted.  Like vehicles, the base model may look and feel quite different.

If you are going to buy one of these condos then you will need to hire professionals to help you move your things. A professional removalist service will ensure your things are moved over safely and in one single trip. This will of course free you to take care of other aspects of the move. The same applies if you will be selling one of these properties, as a great way to remove unnecessary clutter is to hire a removalist to take a few things away to your new place or a storage facility.

In the end there is simply no substitute for doing your research ahead of time and ensuring you have a list of questions to ask as you see the suite.  Asking any question that arises while you are viewing the suite will help to ensure you have an accurate understanding of what exactly you will be getting for your money. Personally, I would recommend you to check out Coral Ridge Towers South Condos if you want to experience what it feels like to live in paradise.

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