5 of the Coolest Things to Do in Vancouver


For those considering moving to Vancouver, you can find most kinds of food or activities to suit your personality. It is not hard to discover fun things to do like the things to do in Grand Cayman, ranging from daring and adventurous, to classy and cultured. Below are 5 of the craziest things you need to check out while in Vancouver. check this out for travel related information. Backpacking hammock is an unusual kind of shelter that consists of mesh hammock and an integrated tarp overhead for protection from the sun and rain. This lightweight backpacking hammock could be as low as fifteen ounces, which already includes the bug net, rain fly, and the mesh hammock. Sleep on it. Feel the wind passing by your very nostrils. Get cold or get warm. lightweight hammock is really beneficial in the camping. Enjoy the scent of the woods or the sound of the sea. What is life without the space? Backpacking hammock tent shelters are the best way to enjoy open space in the midst of a much open space surrounding you. Backpacking hiking hammock provides the best way to enjoy your day under the sun or under the rain with just an overhead integrated tarp and a mesh hammock. Get wet or get cold, have it all, and experience nature. If you like to enjoy cuddling close enough to smell the scent of the hair and skin of your partner, then use a travel hammock and learn to talk in a whisper.

Dark Table Restaurant

For those looking for the truly unique dining experience, Dark Table definitely fits the bill.  The dining concept is simple. Guests are given the menu before they are seated at their table. Once they have ordered, they are escorted to the dining room in complete darkness. The idea is, that without sight, your sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch is amplified, leading to a whole new eating experience. On a side note, Dark Table employs the visually impaired to guide their guest through this unique experience, giving jobs to those who experience a 70% unemployment.

Whistler Bungee/ Outdoor Art Gallery

Whistler Bungee is a short day trip outside of Vancouver and a great activity for the adrenaline junkie.  At Whistler you can experience the heart-pounding thrill of jumping off of a narrow bridge, 50 meters high, over the rapids of the Cheakamus River.

While you’re there, take another drive and check out the Whistler Train Wreck art gallery.  Though not your ordinary art gallery, it features old train wreck that occurred decades ago and was never totally cleaned up. The  decaying boxcars were tastefully  painted by local graffiti artist. It’s a short hike and situated among lofty pines and next to the rushing Cheakamus River.

Child Sponsoring

Have you ever wanted to fulfill a wish? Maybe feel good about yourself knowing you did something good, gain some positive karma, or actually see the result of you helping someone and making their day? Well at Child Fund they have a child sponsorship program that anyone can take part of! What that entails will vary from child to child, and you will be able to decide what peaks your interest the most. Good deeds really do go a long way in helping someone, and you’ll feel good and fulfilled knowing what you’ve accomplished.

 Wreck Nude beach

At this beach you’ll have to strip off any pride you may have to join hundreds of others in a unique and childishly freeing experience.  Wreck beach is Canada’s famous “clothing optional” beach.  It offers picturesque views of the ocean and San Juan Islands. You don’t have to worry about prying eyes since a relatively easy hike down a cliff secludes it. There are multiple venues and activities there like the annual Bare Buns Run and attempts at breaking the world record for the most “skinny dippers”.

Duello Sword Fighting School

Forget vanquishing the enemy while sitting on the couch playing your favorite video game. Experience the real thing at Duello Sword Fighting School. Here you can learn real sword fighting techniques from a mix of weaponry. They teach most everything, from the long sword to rapier. You’ll receive gladiator like training from professionals and a cool skill to brag about to your friends.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a grassroots campaign of enthusiast, supporting safety and awareness self-propelled modes of transportation. They take to the street in masses riding their sometimes unique bikes. They are quite a site for those that get stuck in traffic every last Friday of the month. The route differs from month to month and always ends with cheering and high fives from all the participants.

There are so many great activities, restaurants, parks, beaches, and events in Vancouver. If you’re planning a trip to Canada any time soon, you can check out Canada ETA to get your visa quick and easy. You may just decide a visit isn’t enough and move here to enjoy all that our beautiful city as to offer.

Image credit: Whistler Bungee, Patrick Hui, Ben Didier

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