Country Cozy Looks

kitsilano-homes-real-estateWhen it comes to the distressed look, a little can go a long way.  For those seeking to create the cozy cottage feel, making sure to be careful not to go overboard is essential.

Weathered doors, window frames and floors can be made to look distressed and this can add an authentic charm to any home.  However, too much of this can make the house simply look more in need of repair than charming.  Most of the time simply adding a few weathered elements into your design will be sufficient. Water-resistant sealants are painted on the wood, covering the entire deck made of wood plastic composite decking system. This coating helps to protect the wood from absorbing excess water. Not only does this seal the deck but also provides wonderful preservation of the deck’s beauty. Our range of custom decks and other outdoor living space additions allow you to take in the beautiful sceneries around deck builders suffolk va.

In order to get the distressed look you can try painting or staining wood exposed to the outdoors a dark grey tone. This mimics what happens to exposed wood through the natural wear and tear of the great outdoors, and with commercial painting services they can make this look realistic.  Replicating this effect can help give any wooded area a more ‘cottage-like’ look. Anyway, if you are not sure you are ready to do painting by yourself, check out for professional painting services. It is possible to discuss details about your custom homes project, answer your questions, and set up a time for your free estimate.

One needs to be careful though so as not to take this too far.  You don’t want your house to look a shambles rather than full of character like those custom homes.

Other stylistic options include big barn doors for the garage or a different hinges and handles suggestive of country living.  Many companies specialize in these authentic touches and an interior designer can certainly be a good source of inspiration while keeping you from taking it too far.

Wooden items are also great ways to add the country feel.  Weathered and painted tables, rockers and wicker are always good options, especially for porch furniture.

If you are looking to put your Kitsilano real estate on the market, making your home look and feel as cozy and charming as possible is a terrific idea.  However, homeowners need to be sure not to overdo these kind of decorative touches.  No one wants to buy a house that looks like it needs expensive repairs.  If in doubt, speak with your Kitsilano realtor about how best to show your home.

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