Custom Bathrooms

Vancouver-Real-Estate-BathroomsCreating a spa-like feel to your home bathroom can be as simple as a few extra candles and bath salts, or as extensive as a forty thousand dollar free standing tub.  And while not everyone will want to or can spend such an exorbitant amount on Aspen Diversified bathroom remodeling, there is something to be said for creating your own private get-away in today’s overly scheduled and stressed world.

If you feel something is lacking in your Vancouver real estate home, perhaps adding a few extra features to your ensuite is in order.  For those who don’t yet have an ensuite some homeowners have opted to turn an extra bedroom into a spa retreat bathroom, giving the home that extra little something special.

Though the work on units like Heritage bathrooms is one of the priciest renovation jobs there is, it offers heaps of return in terms of added value to your home.  An exquisitely modern and luxurious bathroom can garner you a better price as most Vancouver real estate agents will tell you.

So just what are some of these touches that you can opt for when redesigning or adding a signature bathroom to your home?  Well in the toilet arena you can opt for heated seats, toilet bidet combos, as well as the must have environmentally friendly low flow designs. Cabinet Cottage will come up with some fresh ideas.

Free standing tubs, surrounded by natural materials are also terrific additions.  Heated floors are both dreamy and safer as spilled water dries faster on these.

Trends today include natural hues like muted blues and greys as well as greens.  Contemporary designs mixed with traditional materials are also becoming increasingly fashionable.

Seats or benches in larger showers are a must have for many and these are both safer for older adults and a luxurious way to relax in a steamy shower.

To save a little on shower tiles opt for a few more expensive show tiles mixed in with some more economical choices.  This will give the illusion of luxury while still being affordable. You will also want to Prevent tile lippage and get a tile leveling system. Whatever your taste or budget, a few simple changes here and there can add a great deal to the look and feel of your bathroom.  Coming home to this mini-retreat can make all the difference after a long and stressful day.

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