Eco Conscious Circular Homes


What do you look for when looking for a new home to make your own? The answer is different for everyone, based on their preferences and of course, their needs at the time as well and that is why getting your house built by a custom homes contractor is popular nowadays .

When it comes to design, nothing quite matches the natural appeal of a circular home.  These homes, offer buyers a very different kind of house. The three-bedroom prefabricated home for instance, is hurricane-resistant due to the engineering.  Offering enough space for a family of three or more, these homes have become increasingly popular among the eco-minded. Its shape lends itself to some very interesting interior designing as well. If what you are looking for is originality, then this is the setup for you. You might even want to hire a good home designer for some neat ideas on how to make the place as awesome as it can be. With good design and thinking behind how you furnish the place, it’s going to be one of the more unique homes among your friends and family.

Some families plan on using these places as a year round residence, while others hope to get away to it as a cottage or vacation home with a secure propane tank installation.

The two thousand square foot option, is catching on with buyers.  For Canadians, you can also buy from Mandala Custom Homes, located in Nelson B.C. Vancouver realtors and realtor Vancouver groups will however warn you that these homes, once completed will probably run you about the same as a good custom built house. The Mandala homes cost about 50-90 dollars a square foot but after labour costs, and shipping it might run you about double or triple this number, so if you plan on shipping material then make sure you use the proper shipping boxes.

The prefabrication kits range in size up to about 2,500 square feet, but you can also double this if you like by choosing a two storey home.  According to experts, these homes aren’t a problem in terms of getting permits as the homes meet building codes. The finishes inside tend to be woody.  The rooms themselves tend to be square or rectangular.

These homes can better withstand the environmental fluctuations than regular homes according to builders.  These homes can withstand hurricanes, snow and even earthquakes say some. As with any other home however, you should still make sure your roof installation is in good condition every so often. Request a professional roof inspection and perform any necessary roof repair on to make sure it stays in good condition (go to Fusion Exteriors website for details). These homes are also very energy efficient.  The circular design actually means that less energy escapes.

Yurts are likewise regaining popularity and these hippie dwellings of old are now being offered with luxury kitchens full equipped even with a natural gas cooktop which is cleaner and more efficient than other traditional fuels and spiral staircases.

If you are looking for a Vancouver or Kitsilano Homes for sale, you can look into one of these options.  Not only will your home be very unique, it will also offer the benefits of lower energy use and harmonious feng shui.

For the authentic feel of nature, all one needs is a beautiful home that gives a natural appeal filled with various reusable products. You can contribute to nature indirectly by buying products that are made by recycling other products. The following link is a website where you can find various nature-friendly daily use products –

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