Furniture with a History

Vancouver Real EstateFor some furnishing their home is a quick and simple process. Click here to see some discount modern furniture for your home.  A trip to a large-scale furniture warehouse with recliners can be all it takes. Or you can always look for some furniture stores online using a simple query like “furniture stores near me“. For others, however, finding pieces that have a history and a story behind them are much more desirable, even when this kind of collection takes much longer to build.

For the young furniture designer Henry Sun, a good set of dining room furniture is just what was missing from his home.  In thinking through how he wanted to feel in his home he was able to think about the kind of Flexible Learning Furniture Solutions that might appeal to his future clients.

Sun, a fifth year student at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, began looking for ways to create something new and fresh that also told a story.  For him, and for other students, this was found in a 200 year old Douglas tree.

The large coastal Douglas tree was in Stanley Park, however officials believed the tree to be unhealthy and therefore in need of being cut down.  Because of the University’s relationship with the city, some of the students were allowed to use the lumber from the tree.

With this Sun set to work on his project, entitled Amber.  The collection includes a low lounge style chair and a table that includes tree ring insets.  These insets actually contain the entire lifespan and history of the tree.

Sun is also including a bar stool and another table to add to his collection.  Displayed at the IDSwest Show at the end of September, Sun had many people interested.

The prototypes have attracted a good deal of attention despite the fact that Sun has yet to actually go into production. He gets inspired by some models from

As Sun and others know, the importance of finding just the right piece for a particular area can be tricky.  But just like finding just the perfect home or Vancouver real estate for sale, you want to take your time with the interior decor as well.

Finding pieces that tell a story, or that move you on a deeper level takes more time than say heading out to your local big box store.  In the end though, the effort is certainly worth it.

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