Gastown’s Unique New Condo Project

realtor vancouver - 121 Doors, is the name of Gastown’s newest condominium development.  The condo is one of the most unique developments of late to grace the area.

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21 Doors is therefore a re-development project.  The building has a very spacious courtyard to which every unit has an opening.  From bachelor units, to one and two bedrooms, everyone will be able to use their front doors to open out onto the walkway.  This offers a great deal of natural light which is further highlighted by many exterior windows. If you need to bring value to your home, to increase security, or simply to replace an old worn out door by engaging with Security Doors Sunshine Coast.

The developer, Salient Group, wanted to ensure that every unit had this amazing feature.  The original configuration helped to model the new floor plans and the concrete was stripped down thoroughly with help from the decorative concrete Perth company.  This has resulted in a more natural look, which is also more affordable.

The studio suites start as low as 209,000 with one bedroom unites running between 214,00-279,00.  Two bedrooms will cost about 350,000.

In terms of square footage, the studios will net you about 397 square feet at the low end while a two bedroom will offer around 789.  One bedrooms rage from about 385-532 square feet.

These are really cost-effective suites.  The enclosed bedrooms make them highly liveable, and the design is truly unique.

The development tends to be aimed at young buyers.  The kitchens offer stainless steel appliances, full height backsplashes and solid-surface countertops.

The bathrooms offer a fitted tub or shower stall, vanity with chrome legs, and a laminate style cabinetry, everything provided by check out

All the units also come with ensuite laundry and have storage in the area and in a storage locker offered down below.

The eco-friendly company has also brought this to the new building with energy efficient double paned windows.  the flooring is a dark wood mamoleum which is made with natural substances but is also highly durable.

The outdoor space offers lots of greenery and a water feature making it a very pleasant area.  Planters and a concrete table and chairs give the patio a nice feel.

The colours used in the suites are mostly neutral, running from greys, to whites to rusts.

The development has also kept the original iron hand-rails though the hallways have been repainted to update the look.

The views are really terrific too.  Moving around the area one gets a good dose of greenery, a pedestrian thoroughfare and the old CPR Yaletown and Burrard inlet.

While affordable housing has tended to mean cheap hotels, or social housing projects with very little design feel or aesthetic, this building hopes to bring more balance.  Designers of the project hoped to allow affordable housing that respected the area and its history.

The building offers 21 units altogether, with prices ranging between 209,000 and 350,000.  21 Doors is located at 370 Carrall St, in Gastown.

Realtors are optimistic that this condos for sale Vancouver will sell out pretty quickly.  The young vibe of the urban area will certainly attract people with an interest in the neighbourhood.

As homes and condos for sale in Vancouver continue to sell at record pace, there is no doubt that this will be a popular development.  An affordable condo for sale in Vancouver is a sure hit according to Vancouver realtors and experts.

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