Google and the Video Market

vancouver-realtorsGoogle executives are now seeing the evolution of YouTube into an increasingly profitable channel for advertising.  According to reports, over 800 million users per month are uploading over an hour of video every single second.

Many companies are also now launching their new products and advertising campaigns through YouTube.  And this includes large outfits like Denon, Intel and Shire.

Advertisers are apparently now putting some pressure on Google to really ramp up its video development on mobile.  In order to do so, Google needs to focus on many things including quality, especially with regards to creating mobile-optimized sites.

Another core issue, according to experts, is the that YouTube will need to do better with regards to optimizing mobile-based browsers, especially those that can allow for contextual searches so its paramount that you have a compatible phone. You can check phone on phonbot’s website who have brand new and refurbished Samsung Note for sale.

Product introductions that tie into marketing of products require more extensive analytics than what is available today with YouTube.  As such this is another key area that requires further development.

And finally, ranking and contextualizing video content requires effective algorithms and these will require continued improvement in order to keep up. Still, we always recommend getting help from good SEO services to optimize your mobile sites and rank well on search engines.

A report generated by Allot Communications concluded that mobile streaming grew over ninety percent during just the first half of 2011.  The report likewise stated that YouTube itself grew by 152%.

YouTube itself says that there are 400 million video views globally each and every month.

Experts suggest that the fastest growing market for mobile video is Latin America.  Here smartphones are becoming increasingly common.

Gartner forecasts that 70% of mobile users will be using only Wi-Fi to access video on their mobile devices. The other thirty percent will be apparently relying on a mix of Wi-Fi and cellular networks to upload and stream content.

Reference: Video company in Arizona.

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