Granite or Wood Countertops: Which is best?

condos for sale vancouverWhile for some time now granite countertops have been the must haves of kitchen renovations, the pendulum is now swinging slightly.  More and more families are now choosing to go back to hardwood from reclaimed wood Denver for their countertops.

While Granite Remodeling remains the most popular of all countertop materials available on the market, some individuals are turning back to traditional wood countertops. We suggest to visit the site to get all the details. 

Wood countertops may not have the absolute shine and wow factor that their granite counterparts have, but not everyone actually likes the coldness of the stone look.  The more organic look of wood countertops is therefore preferable to those who like a softer or warmer appearance to their kitchens, those who want this option just need to check the woodworkingtoolkit.comreviews info to use the best tool for the project.

Wood is also seen to be a more environmentally friendly design.  People looking for an alternative to granite and who are hoping for a greener option may therefore chose a native wood for their kitchen countertop fabrication material.

Although Canada does produce about 20 percent of the granite used in homes, the rest comes from further afield.  Canada has to import 80% of the granite from places like Italy and Brazil.  As such, though the stone itself is a natural product, the fossil fuels used to import it make it less than ideal in terms of an environmental impact.

Wood that is grown close to home is therefore less taxing on the environment than importing and shipping heavy materials like granite.  Wood that is from managed forests carries a label akin to organic produce.  The wood to look for is that with the Forest Stewardship Council label.

Make sure of course that you aren’t using wood from threatened forest areas or species.  This would obviously be counterproductive in terms of lessening your ecological footprint.

Not only can wood be more environmentally friendly than some granite, but it is also popular because it can be more forgiving.  It is elastic and therefore although it may dent, it will not actually break from heavy items dropped on it like china or crystal.

Wood can also be repaired quite easily.  Stains and the like, even scratches can be refinished by simply sanding down and restaining.  As such, it may last longer and require less expensive repairs, such as flooring or plumbing, but there are services as All Drain Service Plumbing which could be really helpful for this.

Wood does however require some upkeep.  The wood should be treated with food-grade mineral oil or butcher block oil because food will be prepared on the surface.  The oil will need reapplication intermittently.

Wood also can absorb water, so if you are considering wood countertops around the sink area, you will need to take extra care to seal the edges which is one of the first steps in carpeting.  A sink cutout is recommended for such designs.

There are many domestic woods available.  These include: maple, walnut, oak and alder.  There are actually about thirty different species of native woods to choose from. Check out this site to learn more details.

Wood however is not actually less expensive than granite.  Domestic woods will generally run you the same price and if you are looking for something more exotic you could be looking at about four times the cost of regular granite.

Nevertheless, wood is gaining popularity again. Intricate designs can now be made with cnc machining that would etch custom patterns wood. Butcher blocks and islands are increasingly being seen in wood finishes. 

Taking care of routine home maintenance can be a challenge, especially when so much can go wrong with the plumbing, so get someone reliable to fix your plumbing system. If you need a reliable plumbing contractor, call Sav-On Plumbing.

If you are looking for a home or condos for sale Vancouver than you will definitely want to inquire about the marble countertops for sale.  These finishes are extremely important especially if you don’t want to have to renovate.

Both wood and granite provide good quality and long lasting options.  Realtor Vancouver know that these finishes help to hasten sales in properties for sale Vancouver.

If you are selling your condo or home therefore remember that homes for sale Vancouver and condos for sale Vancouver can benefit from updated looks.  Wood can offer both the warmth, durability and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing the environment a favour.  In many cases wood countertops are a greener alternative to granite.

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