Habitat Studios and Green Building

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Habitat Studio and Workshop.  The company has been building custom homes for the last twenty years and has become one of the leading green home design and building outfits in Canada,as well provide a service of security. The mammoth security inc is a CCTV camera installer that services clients in and around the Connecticut area, providing custom solutions for residential home owners, large property owners, or businesses that need to secure multiple locations and should know how security cameras can beneifit your business?

The vice-president of the company says that Habitat Studios focuses on three things.  One, the uniqueness of each home which is designed from scratch by the shopfitting and building services brisbane. Two, a client-oriented approach.  And three, building homes that surpass industry standards in terms of environmental regulations. As a matter of fact, in order to avoid drainage and plumbing concerns completely, he employs commercial septic systems in his structures. This ensures quality, and long lasting plumbing systems that will not fail, which could potentially damage the buildings structure, among other possible complications.

The company has designed a handful of homes that are known as NetZero homes.  This means that the home will have a net zero energy purchase over the course of a year, or at least very close to zero.

In order to do this, the building company uses solar heating, a solar energy power system as well as high energy efficiency walls, doors with door weather seal included, windows and the like. EZ Window Solutions in Cleveland is a reliable window replacement contractor that offers affordable prices, a window treatment service can also be offered.

Not all homes designed by the company are however this advanced.  You don’t have to go all or nothing when it comes to home design using home window tinting and green standards.  For those who want an energy efficient home but aren’t able to go for a Zero-Net home, Habitat Studio can still help build you an extremely energy efficient home.

The standards of the company go above and beyond the minimum codes for energy efficiency.  You can still have a much higher than average energy efficiency rate by making simple adjustments like opting for a higher wall thickness and insulation. You may check out Insulation here.

Since each home is unique, the client is heavily involved in decision making about the kinds of materials and design used in different parts of the house for example the materials needed by the Commercial Sectional Doors Repair contractor and you are remodeling.  By getting to know the client’s individual needs and lifestyle, the company can work to build them the house they need.

Because every home is custom built, this will cost you a reasonable price.  However the energy savings over the longer term must also be kept in mind.  So too do the other benefits such as noise control, clean air, the lack of draft spots, and wide plumbing installation including the septic pumping service.

The Studio is currently working since the crawl space waterproofing contractor was done in order to avoid floods, now located in the new Larch Park subdivision which is located just off Rabbit Hill Road and 23rd avenue.

If you’re looking for a greener home, ask your Kitsilano real estate agent to focus on searching out an energy-efficient, newly built or newly renovated home.

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