Haunting your Space

condos for sale vancouverHalloween gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a little good spook.  Many homeowners go all out and turn their space into a verified haunted house or spooky venue.  With a little time and imagination some Vancouver homes are turned into truly scary attractions.

First off, picking a theme is the best way to begin.  Historical street themes such as London during the eighteenth century are always good, as are scenes of accidents or other creepy scenarios.

Finding something out of the ordinary is also a great way to go.  Try to be original with your theme and your guaranteed to have a variety of visitors and onlookers.  Sticking to one or two themes is however best, as you don’t want to spread yourself or your Halloween vision to thin.

Even those on smaller budgets can get into the spirit of the night with a little creativity.  Look at the things you already have.  You’ll often be surprised about just how much there is there to get started with.

Old costumes, books, silver accessories or whatnot can all be used to create a scary space.

Another great way to get good deals is to stock up and buy Halloween accessories and decorations right after the season.  Spider webs and other holiday decorations go on sale right after Halloween night so its a good idea to get some for the following year.

Homes and condos for sale in Vancouver can all be decorated.  Even if you have only a small space, or you own a condo in Vancouver, you can get into the spooky spirit.  Depending on building regulations you may be able to decorate your door, windows or balcony.

As always you need to be cautious about using real candles and/or having electrical cords around especially with children in the house.  Make sure to keep it safe and you’ll have a terrific Halloween to remember.

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