Hell’s Kitchen Closing Down

kitsilano restaurantHell’s Kitchen, the popular restaurant on 2041 West 4th Avenue has closed its doors.  The restaurant had a decade long run and has surprised regulars by its rather sudden shut down.

The doors are already closed and the building has a ‘For Lease’ sign up.  The owner Sean Gregory has yet to make a statement regarding the move, but the restaurant’s former sous chef is already working at the newly restored Kings Head Inn.

The pub style restaurant was located in the desirable Kitsilano neighbourhood.  Kitsilano real estate is one of the most highly sought after investments in the Vancouver area.

The restaurant owners and the building landlords seem to have had a major falling out over some rent increases and other issues.  The controversy has not yet been settled, and amidst much speculation as to who in fact is to blame, many have suggested that the building is set for demolition in the near future anyways. The restaurant is expected to use an auction house to get rid of most of its furniture and kitchenware which includes many high end electronics like small chest freezers, microwaves, stoves dish washers and deep freezer along with their Aircons and many more.  If you are planning to buy any of these, it could be a deal for you.

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