Home Office Decorating Tips

Yaletown Home Office DecorIf you have a home office you know already what a nightmare it can be to keep your work life and home life separate or at least to achieve a happy balance between the two.  When it comes to decorating however, a more seamless transition between office space and living space is often desirable. I recently hired office cleaning in singapore, to come clean my office so i could decorate it the way i wanted and didnt have to worry about cleaning.

Even though a home office still needs to function like any other office, it shouldn’t have to stand out like a sore thumb in your Kitsilano home or Yaletown condo.  Office decor needn’t be the standard cookie-cutter grey filing cabinets and brown banker’s boxes.
Most home offices could benefit from a facelift now and again especially if space or storage is an issue.

For those people especially who have clients come by their home office, you’ll want to ensure a functional and stylish space with room for seating.  Clearing clutter in any case is a major first step. Of course for this you can also get more help with cleaning or maid services from sites as Tidy TN of Nashville online.

Obviously shelving is key for most home offices.  Shelving and filing cabinets can help clear clutter and keep your Yaletown real estate home office organized.  Start by buying any necessary storage solutions.

Filing cabinets can of course be spray painted and even wallpapered on the sides to create a less office-like look.  You can choose colours that match the rest of your home in order to create a more seamless transition.

High shelving will also help give you space for books and other office necessities.  You can use stylish baskets to hold pens, pencils and other day to day office requirements.  Keep these within reach of your desk.

Though a standard office chair is often designed ergonomically for computer work, you can also add, if space allows, one or two upholstered chairs for client meetings.  These will help give the space a more pleasant feel.

Finally, one of the major advantages to a home office is your control over the lighting.  You can pick a lighting that works both for minimizing eye strain and for adding comfort.  A simple dimmer switch can also come in handy as can having an extra desk lamp when more light is called for. The best desk lamp will usually come with both options, as most office lamps you’ll find at a store like Staples nowadays will come with multiple functions including choosing your dim level.

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