Ikea Hacking 101

vancouver-real-estatePerhaps you’ve heard of it or perhaps you haven’t but Ikea hacking is becoming a major trend in home decorating.  Ikea hacking is simply a way of saving big on home decor without sacrificing the look and feel of something more unique and/or luxurious.

For those seeking to redo a kitchen, bedroom or home office, or even simply to decorate their new home, Ikea hacking can be a great way to go.  What this involves is choosing a typical product from the Swedish manufacturer and adding finishing touches that make it look a good deal more expensive. If you do want some affordable yet gorgeous redesign of your kitchen, you can trust the expertise of Kitchen Designers North London.

One idea that many people have used involves taking the standard Ikea cabinets for kitchens and adding unique touches that make them look as if they weren’t actually Ikea brand.  Finding ways to make these cabinets look custom made can be as simple as adding crown moulding, different handles, and other special elements to the finished products.

The very popular Pax wardrobes like bespoke wardrobes are great to organize your place and likewise can be make to look more like built-in cabinetry.  Reupholstering a less expensive and basic Ikea chair in a slightly more luxe fabric is another great option.

Finding ways to work with Ikea furnishings and still get the unique feel you want does obviously involve a little more of your own effort.  However, the cost savings can be pretty stupendous especially when you’re looking at larger jobs like full renovations.

The company itself is not opposed to this sort of product hacking and has even included some of its own ideas for these projects in its 2013 catalogue.

The functionality, price and ease of Ikea is what has made this manufacturer so ubiquitous in terms of modern home decor, but many people do prefer to have something that doesn’t scream big box store.  Ikea hacking is a perfect compromise.

While not everyone will have the necessary creativity to come up with their own Ikea hacks, simply looking online will garner you with enough good ideas for almost any project you can think of.  There are some great websites and blogs devoted to Ikea hacking and no doubt there is something that will appeal to even the most discerning tastes. This is a great way to up date the look of any Vancouver real estate home.

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