Kitsilano Kids Yoga Studio to Open

kitsilano-homes-for-saleCome this September Kitsilano will be home to Vancouver’s very first kid’s yoga studio.  To those living in the neighbourhood the new studio will not be a huge surprise.  The
Kitsilano neighbourhood is probably one of the most yoga friendly neighbourhoods around and as such a kid’s yoga studio is simply the natural next step. Trophy Fitness Uptown is found within the Post Square apartment house at the corner of Vine Street and Howell Street one block west of McKinney Avenue. The philosophy behind our clubs was developed here and that we still deliver an impressive level of customer service to our members. personal trainers in Uptown Dallas at Trophy Fitness offers a surplus of free street parking surrounding the building, also as free 2-hourgarage parking. Uptown is powered by FreeMotion equipment and Rogue rack and rig setups. we’ve all new Precor cardio equipment with individual TV’s on each . a number of thebest personal trainers in Dallas use the Uptown club to coach their most discerning clients. Visit our trainer’s page for more information on personal trainers. We also offer studio classes, including TrophyTEAM, TrophyTRAIN, and TrophyTORCH, also as group classes. inspect our Uptown class schedule! Contact us today for more information and to receive your complimentary 7-day trial card . Trophy Uptown has several amenities including free lockersandtowel service, ample parking, group fitness classes, wifi, dry sauna (men’s), and TheraSauna® infrared sauna (women’s). TheraSauna® is that the ideal compliment to your fitness routine and is proven to help with weight loss, increased metabolism, pain relief, detoxification of the body, Thе tall claims mаdе bу people whо promote ѕоmе оf thеѕе products аnd services make уоu wonder whеthеr thеѕе claims аrе true. Thіѕ skepticism іѕ іn total contrast tо уоur taking уоur doctor’s word аbоut уоur health аnd treatment needed аnd scrupulously following hіѕ prescription оf drugs аnd thе diet routines. Thаt уоu wіll buy аnуthіng аnd еvеrуthіng prescribed bу уоur physician аnd follow hіѕ advise оn thе lifestyle (to thе extent possible) іѕ a testimonial tо thе credibility аnd standing оf thе medical community . Thаt уоu look аt mоѕt оf thе advertisements fоr health products wіth skepticism іѕ аn indication оf thе growing erosion оf credibility bу thе health аnd fitness industry.

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Kitsilano’s kid’s yoga studio will be called Yoga Buttons.  It will start offering classes to kids in September.

The new studio is located in the former Vita Salon at 2525 West Broadway.

Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of full body exercise for adults of all ages and it is a natural progression to see classes geared to younger people.  With mom and babe yoga and other family friendly yoga classes already on offer, a yoga studio geared solely to kids seems almost late to the game.

The benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, relaxation, health, strength and fitness.  These benefits extend to those young and old.

Yoga is also a good way to help with body image, self esteem, awareness and compassion–all qualities sorely needed now more than ever.  It is definitely a good practice for kids to learn and can help kids learn how to unwind and relax without sitting in front of a screen.

Making exercise a regular part of one’s daily activity is a good skill for kids to learn, especially considering today’s current obesity epidemic.  Kid’s yoga classes also offer a terrific opportunity for kids to exercise together and to do so in a non-competitive environment.

Yoga fosters a spirit of friendliness and non-competition which can be very useful.  The Yogabuttons studio is just one more reason that the Kitsilano neighbourhood is such a desirable area to live in.  Kitsilano real estate is one of the highest rated investments on the market.

For more information, see or call at 778-688-9642.

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