New York Penthouse on the Market for 100 Million

real-estateThe octagon-shaped penthouse with wraparound panoramic views of the city and three floors situated in midtown Manhattan is on the market for $100 Million. You can visit at site and learn the details about leed tiling services. The penthouse features six bedrooms, nine bathrooms as well as a wine room that can hold up to 1,000 bottles, all bathroom are equipped with amazing furniture, you can visit the website to find out more about it. Epoxy floorings are floorings applied with layers of tough, long lasting coating called epoxy.  Epoxies are used to produce sparkling, clean and durable flooring.  Also, it is applied to protect paint on the flooring from grease, oil and other substances.  However, not all floorings can hold epoxy coating.  So, before you apply epoxy on your flooring, you should assess first the condition of your concrete if it produces moisture or not. If you need help with your epoxy floors, you can keep in touch with Epoxy Floors Des Moines. Flooring that produces moisture usually destroy the ability of the epoxy to bond.  Hence, it is not suited for epoxy coating. Also, you must not apply epoxy coating if your flooring was applied with concrete sealer.  On the other hand, if you have a new slab, wait for at least a month for the flooring to be thoroughly dry prior to epoxy application.  And, if you have painted floors, the best option for you is to remove the old paint before applying any kind of epoxy.  In addition, you should also consider the air temperature in your garage.  For optimal epoxy drying, air temperature should be between 60 and 90 degrees with the minimum concrete temperature of 55 degrees F. Click here if you want to know more about Southside Concrete Polishing — epoxy floors.

The penthouse was originally purchased for 4.5 million back in 1993 but has been extensively renovated since then.  Owned by Steven Klar a real estate developer in Long Island, Klar said that he had spent probably more than he bought it for on the renos. Flooring is an important decision to make for the home, commercial business, or industrial sector. Every type of flooring has its benefits and its drawbacks. However, seamless epoxy flooring provides numerous benefits in a cost effective way. Epoxy floor coating is a flooring surface made up of multiple layers of epoxy applied to the floor to a depth of less than two millimetres. Epoxy is made up of resins and hardeners. The resin and hardener are mixed together to chemically react. This forms a rigid plastic material that is strong, resistant to degradation, and which bonds extremely well to its substrate. Epoxy floors are incredibly strong and can be used in the most demanding industrial environments as well as provide a beautiful addition to a regular trafficked floor. High grade epoxy resin is used to upgrade surfaces, obtain coloured effects, protect floors against corrosion, and achieve a water tight effect. All of these qualities provide longer durability of surfaces. Epoxy can breathe new life into old floors. It is able to be applied to existing floors as well as new ones. The coating is a great method to makes sure commercial or shop floors will look their best and the finish will last for many years. Epoxy will protect floors with a plastic-like finish.

It comes in a variety of colours and styles. A simple, solid colour epoxy floor is perfect for industrial companies. This colour can be chosen from a standard colour palette. There is also the option of adding colour flakes and a clear coat, giving floors a showroom appearance. Materials used to make epoxy floors are stronger than concrete. Have you ever wondered what is the best cost for a concrete driveways Brisbane Southside for your house? You can figure it out on this website.

Klar bought the building during the downturn in the market which had forced the lenders to take the building away from the developer.  Klar bought the penthouse when his company, Klar Organization, had been brought in to sell off the unsold apartments each one perfectly ready and done, before any one moves to them there is a service included from the power wash company from Richmond Texas.

The apartment boasts 8,000 square feet as well as its own private elevator.  It is situated on West 56th Street and has a view of almost every one of the city’s bridges and the new houses for sale project we also own.  It has a whopping 135 windows.

The penthouse with three floors occupies the 73rd-75th floors of the building and is equipped with the best furniture and accessories to make it look great, including other details as antique chandeliers that help with the design and style of the penthouse.  According to the broker, Raphael De Niro with Prudential Douglas Elliman, the terraces allow for the best in residential city space.  Raphael is the son of the actor Robert De Niro.

The building, CitySpire, originally was subject to some controversy because it was built higher than was allowed by the city.  Later however the developer reached a settlement with the city.

The asking price of the penthouse is apparently the highest of any apartment on the market in the city right now and makes Kitsilano real estate look extremely affordable by comparison.  Its closest competitor is the six bedroom penthouse currently under development near by at One57 will be going for 90 million.

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