Ontario Students enter U.S. Competition for best Solar Powered Home

vancouver real estateStudents from Algonquin College, Carlton University and Queen’s University are teaming up to build a solar hot water powered home in hopes of winning a prestigious U.S. competition.

The competition, called the Solar Decathlon, has been around for ten years now and has attracted many groups worldwide.  Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, students test their skills and push the limits of what is possible in order to build the best in solar-powered and energy efficient homes. Artisan Electric Incsending is one of Puget Sound’s largest and most respected solar/electrical contractors. Most solar contractors are not electrical contractors.

Applicants across the globe compete every two years in this competition.  Twenty are given the opportunity to compete in ten different categories over ten days.

Energy efficiency, architecture, appeal and home entertainment potential are just some of the testing fields.  Affordability, efficiency, and energy production as well as consumer appeal will thus ultimately determine which team goes home the winner.

Team Ontario, as the group of students are known, are interested in building a home that a young family would be keen to own.  A couple with one or two children would be the ideal kind of occupants for what the team is calling Aurora House.

The concept is at this point one that is contemporary.  Open concept, natural ventilation, super insulation and rainwater recovery are just some of the design features. During the rainy season, people can utilise the rain water that is collected on the roof tops of various buildings. For that they need proper rain water tanks that can collect and maintain the harvested water.  Visit Watercraftwa.com.au for the best rain water tanks. By these rain water tanks the house owner can take the advantage by collecting the rain water and further utilizing for different purpose. The water from these tanks can be used for multi purposes like- watering gardens specially taken care of professionals and beautiful trees done by the tree cutting dublin experts, agriculture purpose, flushing toilets, washing cars etc.

Earlier, these rain water tanks were built from polythene plastic, galvanized steel and concrete but, in the modern era these water tanks come in a variety. The modern day tanks are built using fiberglass and stainless steel as these particles provide a lost lasting impact to the tanks and avoid chemicals to react on them. When planning your garden, consider some help from landscape gardeners manchester.

The group is only one of two Canadian teams participating, the other one being a group from the University of Calgary who already competed in the 2011 competition.  Students come from a host of different sectors, including students from engineering, business, skilled trades and architecture.

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