Parking Fees on the Rise in Vancouver Parks

kitsilano-real-estateRecently, the service fees for parking at Vancouver parks have gone up according to the global parking statistics.  While many of the increases are only of a cent or two, some are rather more steep. The good news is that these funds are ultimately funneled into concrete repair for our streets, as well as other projects pertaining to keeping traffic volume within reason and flowing.

Thus for instance, the cost of parking in some parks including Stanley Park, Kitsilano Park and Queen Elizabeth Park will be doubling.  From October 1st to March 1st, fees will work out to two dollars and hour, which in fact is the same as buying at an hourly rate. If you are homeowner, you probably worry about the effect of cold weather on your driveway. Another area that might require some maintenance is your garage floor. Click here to know, How Winter Damage to Your Garage Concrete.

Kitsilano real estate owners may wish to cycle or walk to the parks rather than pay for the increases.  Though seemingly small, the rate hikes will certainly add up for those frequenting the parks often.

According to the Vancouver Park Board, the move is designed to reduce confusion.  Previously shorter term parking was set at two hour blocks during the low season, and one hour blocks during the high, or summer season.

Some people aren’t buying this rational, however, and see it simply as a money grab.  Whatever the case, some areas are certainly seeing hefty rises.

Another such venue is Jericho Beach.  Here the rates for parking will be increasing from 6 dollars to 10 dollars for the daily rate.  This averages to a 67 percent bump.

Other notable increases have been seen for bus parking.  Bus parking at Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park will also be going up quite dramatically.

For buses with 11 seats or under the fee will be up 15 percent.  Buses with 12-24 seats will seek a rise from 20 to 25 dollars, equalling a 25 percent increase.  Larger buses with 25 seats or more will see a thirteen percent increase, going from 40 dollars to 45 dollars.

While buses can use one ticket for both parks, the rise is noticeable nevertheless.  Recent budget challenges have however been blamed for the rate hike.

While the Commissioner of the Non-Partisan Association minority on the park board said that he wasn’t opposed to the changes, he noted that he’d like to see better park maintenance overall.  Unfortunately though, he felt that funding was going to be an issue that continues to affect the parks.

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