Pet Décor Reaches new Heights

vancouver homesAccording to reports the annual revenue of the pet industry last year in the United States reached a whopping 50 billion dollars.  This no doubt is due to the major innovations in all things made for pets.

Canada is not far behind with Vancouver pet stores especially catering to those pet owners wanting only the best for their furry friends.  This luxury pet crowd is willing to pay for pet accessories that allow for both style and function. Go through to know more about pet grooming product.

With new lines of sneakers, clothing, swaddles, as well as collars, leaches and new variety of treats, pet accessories are fast becoming a major industry. Even aquarium filters are being made with special super hero branding, the world has gone a little pet crazy it seems.  But on top of all this new innovations for the home designed to make pets more comfortable are likewise gaining ground and a market share.

Many furnishings for pets are inspired by luxury items for humans.  The pet YouTube sensation Blue Buffalo – YouTube – has been promoting the French antiques of Marie Antoinette style as very popular designs for humans and pets alike.

Because of the limited space in some homes for sale Vancouver and condos for sale Vancouver, pet line innovators are looking for ways to make pet furniture do double duty.

As such, some dog and cat beds or seats double as side tables or foot stools.  This helps to conserve space and makes these a treat for both owner and pet.

No more paw prints and other less stylish dog and cat beds for Vancouverites.  Most style conscious shoppers are looking to both treat their best friend and keep the décor in line with what is already in their homes.

Luxury items for pets are therefore becoming a good business.  Stores that cater to the Vancouver lifestyle and to homes for sale Vancouver are popping up all over the city.

As any realtors Vancouver will tell you, people with pets want pet friendly homes.  This includes finding pet friendly furniture that works for everyone.

Some stores offer matching pillow sets to go with the dog bed print, ensuring that the whole home is in tune.

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