Prices for New Homes Rise outside Vancouver

realtor vancouverAccording to the latest statistics, the prices for new homes continue to rise except for in the priciest market of Vancouver homes for sale.  The 0.3 percent increase was stronger than was anticipated by realtors Vancouver and other experts.  The findings are based on numbers generated from the months of October and November of last year. If you are moving to one of these new properties, hire the reliable removals sydney to get a fair price in long distance moving.

The data comes from Statistics Canada and was put out about a week ago.  Analysts were only expecting new homes to show a rise of about 0.2 percent so the numbers came as a bit of an unexpected twist.

For the year the numbers generally are in the 2.5% range.

In Vancouver itself however, the prices actually slowly decreased.  The most expensive city in Canada in terms of property prices had some fearing that the hot real estate market was something of a bubble.  The slight easing of house prices is therefore reassuring for some. Find new homes for sale today!

The last six months of Vancouver market prices have shown a fairly steady and even trajectory.  Prices in the area are now actually 0.2 percent lower than in the fall of 2010.  Even just between October and November of last year prices dropped by 0.3 percent.

In both Central and Eastern parts of the country however prices are on the rise.  In Toronto and Oshawa for instance, prices were up 1 percent for the month and overall at about 6.2 percent for the year.

More than was expected housing starts climbed during the close of 2011.  As Canada did not share the subprime mortgage crisis that affected our southern neighbours, Canada was better able to climb out of the recession.

Low interest rates have also helped to keep the market strong.  Homes for sale Vancouver and condos for sale Vancouver have continued to be in high demand.

Both international and domestic buyers continue to snap up property for sale Vancouver.  Realtors Vancouver and Vancouver realtors groups are still busy with sales.

While the prices may have dropped slightly, this comes as welcome news to those on the buying end.  Although some experts continue to fear a bubble caused by the long standing low interest rates, other are more optimistic. For this, if you are someone looking to buy a new homes, we suggest checking these new homes in Bluffton!

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