Real Estate Agents Adapting to a New Age

real-estate-agent-kitsilanoIn some areas, being a real estate agent is not as easy as it used to be.  A rough few years for the industry has meant that more and more realtors are having to find ways to stay ahead of their competition.

As any good realtor knows the best advertisements come from world of mouth.  Satisfied clients are always your best bet to gaining future customers.  The referrals that come from world of mouth are what drives a realtor’s practice.

While the referral phenomenon certainly does fill up the bulk of an agent’s clientele, the realtor still needs to adjust to some of the changing demands of today’s real estate market.  In the much desired neighbourhoods, like the Kitsilano real estate market, a realtor really needs to sell her abilities to get noticed.

Below are three ways in which a realtor can work towards beating out her competition and staying on top with her clients.

Convenience is key.  Technological innovation has certainly changed the market and this allows agents to stay on top of deals without loosing time.  Real estate is always time sensitive and inefficiency or slow response kills more deals than anything else.

Using technology to stay in touch with both buyers and sellers is therefore key.  Younger buyers especially are expecting to do much of their negotiating and signing online.  As such, it is more important than ever that the realtor be up to date and up to speed.

The digitization of the market has been made possible by innovations like dotloop.  This app can help to facilitate transactions by making it possible for clients to sign documents from their mobile devices, saving time and possibly money.

Relationships.  While some things may have changed in the real estate business, others have not.  As always relationships with satisfied clients are key.  Future rewards come from present day satisfied clients and as in the past nurturing these deals and relationships today will yield referrals and results down the road.

Face-to-face.  Related to building relationships with your clients today is staying in contact with them after the deal is done.  Generating new leads is obviously essential, but as so much of this comes from referrals, staying in touch with previous clients is also vital.

Technology makes getting things done faster and easier, however, one should never underestimate the importance of face-to-face contact, even amongst a younger generation.  Just because a young couple may wish to sign documents electronically this does not mean they don’t want the personal touches that come with a good relationship with their realtor.

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