Refinishing the Basement

Real Estate VancouverWhen it comes to home decor, many people either skimp or forgo the basement suite entirely in order to focus on the main floors.  While this is important of course, especially on a more limited budget, there is increasingly a trend towards refinishing the lower floor in style.

For some families, the basement serves as a rec room or simply a storage space for unused or rarely used goods.  However, by investing a little time and money into this oft neglected space, you can really improve the function of your home; not to mention the resale value of your Vancouver real estate.

Using more upscale furnishings to treat your basement digs can really add appeal.  The area can become a perfectly designed space for your home office, entertainment area, extra kitchen and bathroom or even home gym.

Though some may feel that spending $50,000 to $100,000 on basement renos is a waste of time the truth of the matter is that this can add as much as a third or more of your home’s square footage in extra living space.  It’s just like adding on an addition to your home but without all the headache.

The process makes sense especially in areas where land prices are high.  And if you’re in a home or area that you don’t see yourself leaving, it can make sense especially for a growing family.

Adding bedrooms downstairs is great, especially as a family grows, or children get older and want a little more privacy.  And while daylight and headspace can sometimes be at issue, most contractors have ways of getting around this.

Burrowing down a few feet to add headspace is one option and professionals say that even using reflective sun tubes can work to let in a little daylight.  While every design will depend on the particular home in question, there is usually something that can be done to solve most problems.

Well fitted basements are also a boon to homeowners as rental suites.  A suite can provide a good deal of income and in some cases cover all or most of the mortgage payments.  Tenant suites are also sure to help garner a better prices for your home if you are planning to sell.

Redoing the basement can be as simple as new furnishings or as extensive as an entire overhaul.  Whatever the case though, these projects can greatly improve the liveability of a home.

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