Remodelling your Summer Cottage

vancouver real estateWhen it comes to investing in renovations, updating your summer home or doing basement remodeling doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  A few additions and renovations here and there can often be enough to really transform and old cottage into a summer home away from home.

Finding just the right Vancouver real estate for sale can be tricky and finding the right summer cottage can be just as challenging.  However, even old cottages can have potential if given the right face lift.

First of all you’ll want to ensure that your cottage is structurally sound and that it stands on solid ground.  If your cottage is next to a lake, river or sensitive area, you’ll also want to make sure that anything you do protects the environment from harm.  You may also have to check with local governance regarding rules for expansion and additions to cottages in the area.

Once you have the go ahead there are a variety of ways to improve the look of your cottage even without investing serious money.  Updating the landscaping and the outdoor furniture is a great first step that will really improve the curb appeal of your cottage should you be trying to sell your Vancouver summer home.

In terms of interior design, simple updates to furnishings can go long way.  Reupholstering older chairs and sofas can add a modern twist to classic lines.

Some cottage furniture might warrant a simple paint job or even a sanding and restaining.  Repurposing items and transforming them into something else is also a good way to save money and end up with something stunningly unique.

If entertaining is a big part of your summer living then make sure that the kitchen area is functional and that you have a nice open area for guests.  A large rustic table and a collection of chairs keeps the cottage-feel while allowing for big gatherings of friends and family.

Opting for new windows can be a great investment as cottages can tend to look rather dark and gloomy.  New windows can allow for more light and you can even choose frosted glass in bedrooms which allows for both privacy and light.

Updating your cottage doesn’t have to be too time consuming or expensive.  The trick is to pick your battles and focus on what will most improve the look and comfort of your summer home.

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