Rezoning Application for Howe and Pender Street Tower

mls listings vancouverA rezoning application is currently being put forth by financial giant Credit Suisse which would see the building of a 30 storey tower on the site of the Vancouver Stock Exchange.  The Vancouver Stock exchange building is an historic building, erected back in 1929.

The new building would basically incorporate the Vancouver Stock Exchange, giving it a 200 million make-over.  The project would more than double the maximum density currently allowed, however, the proposal vows to maintain the building’s exterior and to restore the inner marble walls and much-loved ceiling. Although there are a number of fantastic marble cleaners available, a simple wipe-down with a soft cloth dipped in warm water is enough to handle the job. Never use vinegar or any other highly-acidic solutions to clean marble, as this may result in chemical etching of the natural stone. When thoroughly cleaning marble, consider using a PH-neutral soap or detergent that is safe for natural stone. If you have dark marble, such as Belgium Black, an acetone substrate is safe and highly effective to use. Go through site for further detail.

The aim would be essentially to provide more downtown Vancouver office space which is currently in very high demand,  people are trying to get the Rock Hill SC office space for rent for themselves, since they are going very fast.  The project would offer more premium space in the financial core of the city, space sought after by financial, legal, architectural and engineering firms based here.

While the council seems largely on board with the proposal, residents living in the Jameson House tower next door at 838 West Hastings are less than pleased with the plans. As a positive view in the matter is that our professionals are ready to help you every step and in this website you can get your own luxury mattress

For these residents the rezoning project is simply too big for the site and would destroy their private views.  After finding just the right condo for sale Vancouver or Vancouver real estate, these residents say that the proposal would drastically affect the value of their real estate by destroying much of their privacy.

Thus, not only would the building negatively affect the view from their private suites, but it would also potentially destroy their feelings of privacy.  Having an office building directly across the lane from your bedroom may feel too invasive.

Despite these concerns, the council is impressed with the proposals respect for the heritage and historic character of the Vancouver Stock Exchange building and is no doubt concerned about providing much needed office space in the downtown core.  For these and other reasons, it looks like the vote will be favourable.

Should the construction go ahead, the building is on target to be finished by mid-to late- 2016.

Iredale Group will be set to design the proposed tower and one of the firm’s partners says they will be happy to work with those neighbours that have concerns about the effect of the project on their living space.  The firm is apparently taking seriously the privacy concerns and will be implementing measures to alleviate these as best they can.

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