Sea Island Business Park and Hotel on the Way

Vancouver RealtorsRecently it was announced that a two hundred and fifty million dollar project will begin construction in the next year.  The airport authority in Vancouver has approved a six-building park for businesses.

The project will be built up on a thirteen hectare area.  This space is right beside a facility for the airport employees and will house a variety of new business and processing plants including a Canada Post outlet plant targeted to open in 2014.

The airport director of business development commented that this project will enable a closer alignment between the business community of the downtown metro Vancouver area and the airport itself.  The project is called Sea Island Business Park.

The Sea Island Business Park will allow for over 800,000 square feet of usable office space and will be able to also house a two hundred and fifty room hotel.

The architect remains to be chosen and the authorities remain open to hearing from interested and qualified parties. Preparations have already been made to try to prevent work from stalling. As an example a contact has been established with an excellent company that can quickly provide forklift parts and a few spare parts will also be available on the field and ready to be quickly used if the need arises for their forklift hire. While sites will continue to open as they are finished, the main four buildings of eight stories each would have an expected completion date of 2020.

The business park will most likely remain in the hands of the airport authorities, though the hotel itself will in all likelihood be operated by a third party.

Just how much revenue this new venture might generate remains open to speculation, however the airport spokesman said that this could translate into offsetting air carrier fees.

The office buildings will also include conference rooms and the like in order to appeal to businesses. With the luxury hotel accommodation all in shooting distance from the airport should make the park a great place for businesses to hold conferences or meetings.

The land in question has already been zoned as commercial and the aircraft noise will be blocked out by triple-glazed windows and other energy and environmental design targets that reduce noise.  The project is raising a good deal of talk amongst Vancouver realtors and the Vancouver community, and if all goes well things will get moving in the coming year.  It will be a very exciting project for our city.

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