Seasonal Storage 101

Home Storage IdeasAs the colder weather continues to blow its way in, many people are faced with the difficult task of storing all of their warmer gear.  For many people space is a key issue here.  Finding workable solutions for storage is an important part of keeping your home organized and tidy. Some people simply conclude they do not have the storage space required at home. In these cases hiring a self storage service is a great way to get some extra room that will not cause extra clutter at home. Having a self storage unit is great for storing things like seasonal decorations that will only be used for a few months throughout the year.

Older homes in particular may lack adequate storage space, that’s why many often look for some wire shelving as an option.  People tended to have less stuff a few decades ago and as such, many character homes have small closets and few storage cubbies.

Double-duty furniture is really key when it comes to making storage space both available and hidden away.  Benches, coffee tables and ottomans that offer extra storage are a huge hit for those seeking both form and function to their furniture and mostly they need to be clean with Sugar Land pressure washing company.

Without proper self storage in your home, you may find yourself having to improvise a good deal.  If you want to avoid the cluttered, overstuffed look, you’ll need to invest in an aluminum trailer storage box and pieces to keep all storage hidden away. A much better option is to look for storage rentals.

Beds with storage areas underneath are also important for creating extra seasonal storage space.  Here you can tuck away your seasonal clothes, rotate them when the seasons change or jut you buy new clothes on

If you have other bedrooms, either guest rooms or children’s bedrooms, you can also invest in beds that have storage space under them in these rooms as well. If you do decide to try a weighted blanket, be realistic about your expectations and realize that results may vary. Why limit yourself to the master bedroom, when you can capitalize on this often unused space in all of the bedrooms in your Kitsilano real estate?

Built in cabinets are also a dream if you can afford to have them installed.  Against the wall these offer prime storage space without taking too much away from your space as might other sorts of cabinets and dressers.

Shelving on unused walls also can serve you well.  This adds function to an area that would otherwise simply be covered in pictures or paintings.  Using shallow shelves will keep you from overcrowding the area.  Here you can store those priceless dishes you rarely use but wouldn’t mind on display.

Hooks and baskets are inexpensive and ideal for smaller items or extra hoodies, towels, hats and the like.  Storage baskets help hide all the little things you’d rather not display but still need easy access to.  Children’s toys are especially cluttering, so using storage baskets or a toy box to clean these up is easy and largely affordable.

With a little ingenuity and a small investment, most people can find a way to de-clutter their home and find previously unused self storage space for seasonal items. However, if you really can’t find a solution on how to properly store your stuff, maybe it’s time to get a self storage facility downtown that offers climate controlled storage units.

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