Shelter Drive Raises Money for Charity

Realtors VancouverRecently, the REALTORS Care organization raised over thirty-four thousand dollars in funds to help with housing related charities, they got the best crowdfunding ideas online.  The initiative was started by Real Estate Board members of the Greater Vancouver area.

The money raised is allotted to various shelter and housing programs.  In 2010 the funds were donated to the Alouette Home Start Society as well as the Tri-Cities Transitions Society and the Lookout Emergency Aid Society.  These funds are then used to help deal with the problem of homelessness in Vancouver.

Not only do these charities help with youth and adults suffering from homelessness and inadequate access to shelter, but they are also responsible for providing shelter for women and children who are fleeing from domestic abuse.  These charities are amongst the most important for giving people access to suitable shelter when most in need.

The REALTORS Care Shelter Drive begun two years ago.  Since then, they have raised over 64,000 dollars in charity donations.  All funds are donated by Vancouver realtors working in the greater Vancouver area and go directly to supporting the above named charities.

The Alouette Home Start Society is responsible for helping homeless people primarily in the Maple Ridge area.  The organization aims to help solve problems associated with a lack of housing, especially affordable options.  The society is also involved in community outreach, especially that geared towards youth and those at risk.

Recently, the Alouette Home Start Society began work on a forty-six story housing development for low income and homeless singles.  This will be a supportive housing community.  The donations from the Vancouver realtors went towards helping fund this much needed project.

The North Vancouver Lookout Emergency Aid Society is also a recipient of the realtors’ donations.  This shelter is fundamental to helping with at risk individuals.  Finding supportive services in the Vancouver region and helping these individuals gain access to housing services are part of this society’s goals.

The Emergency Aid Society also provides shelter for individuals and has used the money donated by the REALTORS Care Drive towards improvements in their own building  and shelter areas.

Tri-City Transitions Society is another charity organization that has received money from the donations collected amongst Vancouver realtors.  This transition house helps women and children who are fleeing from domestic violence and abuse and seeks to provide care for immigrant women at risk in the community in particular.  The funds will be used to increase services, including hiring more outreach workers.

REALTORS Care not only donates money to these charities, but the organization is also involved in annual collections of goods for those most in need.  Collections of clothing, blankets and other much needed amenities take place every year.

To date, more than six million has been raised by REALTORS Care and other real estate companies in the Vancouver region.  For the past three years, realtors have contributed greatly to funding charities geared towards helping the problems associated with homelessness and displacement in the city.

The problem of homelessness and a lack of affordable and suitable housing in the Vancouver region is something that realtors care greatly about.  Organizations and drives such as REALTORS Care, offer a chance for Vancouver realtors to give back to individuals in their community.

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