Simple DIY Baby Room Decor

real estate kitsilanoWhile splurging on some items for baby is fun for new parents, the cost of everything from car seats and wraps to cloth diapers and strollers can really start to add up.  But as with most things, a little time and ingenuity can save you a bundle. Make sure consider your gaming needs to get the best gaming projector. Of course, we have to know the best painting that suits our baby’s gender, check this website for the best painter.

Perhaps after saving up for your first Vancouver home for sale, or your Kitsilano real estate investment, you need to be financially savvy about the decor essentials.  And while you certainly don’t want to skimp on design for baby’s room, you can forgo buying that five hundred dollar bedspread and opt instead for something a little more budget friendly.

By creating some decor for baby’s room yourself, not only can you save some money, but you can also make your little one’s room as unique as she is, but that can also be achieved with a professional like this commercial painting service.  Getting ideas from the hippest baby stores, magazines and blogs can help you find the cutest and most innovative designs as well as ways to imitate them on your own.

Making your own baby decorations is a fun project for expectant moms and a great gift idea for her family and friends. Here is a list of Angel Dear products that might help you to a great extent . Making your own decor gives you more control over what your baby will be exposed to and really personalizes any shower gifts for a new family.

Making your own mobile is a perfect place to start.  Using small picture frames (make sure to remove any glass), you can pick out the pictures you want your baby to look at while laying in a crib.

Some families choose family pictures, others choose images of animals, trucks or colourful toys.  As per a painting company in Gettysburg, PA Painting the picture frames with non-toxic paint offers a wide range of bright colours for baby to enjoy. Make sure you choose some professional house painter for getting the residential painting work done.

Decoupage artwork with felt from a craft store can also be a good option.  Cut out trees, animals or other designs and paste these to a larger board for a beautiful home-made picture or put them directly on baby’s bed (in an unreachable place of course) to add pizzazz to an otherwise standard looking crib. You can also check my favorite online shop where you can find a supply the trendiest, most innovative gifts, gadgets, sporting accessories and more.

For those more ambitious types you can work on creating your own wooden blocks or toys for baby or sewing baby’s very own quilt.  There is certainly no shortage of DIY tips for baby’s room all over the web, so go ahead and get creative while you still have the time.  Waiting until after baby’s arrival may leave you with a good deal less time and energy for such projects.

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