Simplifying your Message to Build Business

Kitsilano-realtorBeing able to sell yourself and your service is obviously key to many businesses, but in the real estate world this skill will make or break you.  Learning how to simplify your message is one of the tried and true methods of building your business and it is one that will help garner realtors results, you can also see in this website here for the best builders for your project.

Recent studies have suggested that after any sales pitch, most people remember only one thing that was told to them.  As such, you really want to be in charge of what that one thing is in order to make the most of your presentation.

Honing your message in order to leave potential clients with the right one thing is therefore clearly key.  Doing this will give you the advantage over others who may be trying to give out too much information or even sell their abilities too much.

What is it therefore that people really want to know?  How do you go about simplifying your message?

According to some you simply need to think about how you might answer the questions that would come from a young child.  For instance, the key questions might go something like this: what do you do? why should I chose you to do it? and, why shouldn’t I do it myself?

In the case of realtors seeking to garner business in the Kitsilano real estate market, you
might want to answer these very simply in order to keep your message clear and consistent.

Thus, you might answer the first question by simply saying that you help people buy or sell a home in the Kitsilano area.  You might then answer the second by saying that you have done this for many years and have helped many people already and the third by stating clearly that you have a degree of knowledge and expertise in the area that can help people get what they need faster and easier than they otherwise would.

Whatever your particular answers might be, just remember that keeping a clear and simple message wins out almost every time over convoluted spreadsheets.  Though having this information on hand is essential, it is not going to be what makes or breaks your business.

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