Smaller Home Design Inspired by Cruise Ships

homes for sale - Tom HigniteWhen it comes to thinking about how to make a smaller space function, real estate homebuilder Tom Hignite, looked to the sea for inspiration.

Looking at how the cabins in cruise ships were constructed allowed Hignite to think about how to construct smaller homes for those people seeking to gain affordable, yet comfortable housing and furniture such as the TV Bed Store new furniture line.

In a cabin, bunk beds and lockers help to make the most of the available space.  Other space savers, like for example using propane gas delivery in order to provide gas for cooking in the home are employed. With all of these different ideas implemented a new business was born. Now, the mini homes or “Mi-Pads’, are what Hignite has created in his company Miracle Homes.

These homes actually have three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms all for the low price of 89,000 dollars. They also had new ventilation put in from  With only about 1000 square feet of space, design needs to be functional to say the least.

The feel of the homes is contemporary.  They are so compact though that the use of cruise ship design allows for the creation of what are essentially cabins rather than bedrooms as such. It’s small enough that certain things are not readily available and will need to be provided every so often. Such is the case with the heating oil delivery service that you can hire. Of course, you would schedule every how often you would need them to stop by depending on how much and how long it takes for you to need another delivery.

The bedrooms are six feet by nine feet and they can sleep two people.  The master bedrooms can accommodate queen sized beds.  High ceilings give the illusion of more spaciousness, but the homes are only about 26.5 feet wide.

The price of the homes lines up with the prices of homes that are foreclosed properties or that need a great deal of work.  These move-in-ready homes compete in this arena with a price tag of between 90,000 and 150,000.

The homes also target renters.  Those who rent but can’t afford the price of full sized homes would be a good target audience for these new cabins for purchase.

Smaller homes for sale were very common during the 1950s after the second world war, but following this house size became bigger and bigger.  Hignite’s company is hoping to see a return to these smaller homes as an alternative to the era of McMansions.

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