Soundproofing your Vancouver Condo

Soundproof Vancouver CondoUnfortunately, when it comes to soundproofing, there is very little that can be done after the condo has already been built.  Yet one of the most often requested pieces of advice from Vancouver condo owners and town home owners is just how they can better soundproof their homes.

Most of the time condo dwellers are wondering just how they might stop the transmission of sound coming in from other units.  In wood floor units that are improperly soundproofed especially, just the sound of the upstairs neighbours walking across the floor can sound like elephants at a dance party.

The problem of course is that the soundproofing really should have been done during the construction phase.  Unfortunately, current building codes are not stringent enough when it comes to condo soundproofing.

With Vancouver real estate and Vancouver condos being as sought after as they are, it can be tough sometimes to be as picky as you’d like, especially with a tighter budget in mind.   However, if you are the kind of person that really has a hard time hearing your neighbours, you’ll definitely want to ask about soundproofing before you buy.

Condo developers can easily implement an effective sound barrier, though unfortunately not all of them do.  The best way to soundproof is to have a rubber underlay placed beneath the floor in the units above other ones.

If you are looking for a Vancouver condo for sale this is something you’ll want to ask about.  Soundproofing after the fact is much trickier.

Short of asking your upstairs neighbours to pull up their entire floor and add in a soundproofing layer, you’re only real option is to add a layer of drywall to your ceiling as well as a soundproofing barrier.  This can however be costly.

The best advice unfortunately is to be aware of this problem before you buy.  All too many condos are ineffectively soundproofed and obviously building codes in this area need to be revamped.  Make sure to see the unit at a time when the upstairs neighbours are home so that you can get a sense of what your evenings will sound like.

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