Stable Housing Sales in BC

homes for saleThe month of August saw stable home sales rates in the province of British Columbia.  An active listings segment continued to be balanced out by low mortgage rates, leaving the market relatively stable.

The latest figures released from the province showed 6504 MLS unit sales during the month, up over sixteen percent from August of 2010.

Compared to July, August sales saw a one percent increase.

If you are looking for a home in the BC area, we suggest to walk around the neighborhood, many of the houses still their “yard signs” and in some cases you’ll find that they also have door hangers, where you can find the realtor’s information. 

The low mortgage rates have helped to bolster continued housing demand.  Officials say that buyers market conditions remain in effect in most areas.  This offsets any upward pressure on housing prices.

B.C. homes for sale have been valued at 21.7 billion this year along.  This is up a huge 17.7 percent from the previous year.  Alongside this however, prices are likewise up 14.7 percent.  The average price in the province is listed at $574,962.

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