Summer Decorating Trends

kitsilano-realtors-real-estateInterior design trends are become increasingly intertwined with fashion.  The patterns, prints and styles hitting the runways are now influencing home design more than ever.

Interior design of old used to follow a fairly formulaic pattern.  One would choose one particular style, for instance, French Provincial and decorate their entire homes in that fashion. Looking for something special for a home ? the realtors from will have your back.

Now, much like in the world of runway fashion, people are opting to mix and match different themes, patterns, and styles.  A classic piece might sit side by side a modern piece of art, or vase.

Not only are trends being mixed and matched, but some styles are coming directly from the runway.  For instance, bedding, linens and pillows seem to be taking their cues from blazers, scarves and trousers lining the runway.

Animal prints are making a come back in both the fashion world and interior design.  So too, are 20s era styles like black, white, cream and geometric prints.

While choosing your decor can be more difficult than your wardrobe, you can make it easier on yourself by either hiring a well respected designer, or on a lesser budget simply starting with a design board of your own.

Pick out some of the prints, textures and styles that appeal to you and put them together on a board.  Do they go together, is there a certain theme that keeps popping up?

Doing a little research and looking through decor magazines can help as well.  Just be sure that you aren’t going overboard with any one particular print or style.

Especially if your house is on the market you’ll want to be careful about being too trendy.  Kitsilano realtors advise keeping clean lines and a classic decor in order to show your home at its best.

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