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realtor vancouverWell you might have thought that you’d heard it all when it came to new materials for flooring. Cool new materials like bamboo flooring show up every once in a while, providing another option to choose from, with its own pros and cons that might suit your particular case and needs better than others.

To provide a different example, the Blue Grouse Wine Cellars based in North Vancouver has come up with yet another vinyl flooring installation.  The Blue Grouse Wine Cellars have decided to turn the old wine barrels into floors and countertops. If you are looking for different flooring visit perth flooring solutions, they have the best floors around.

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The business has recently come up with the idea and put it into manufacturing.  The owner Rick Merwin of the firm that manufactures the Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, Fon-tenay, decided over drinks with a friend that the wine barrels would be great for something other than simple planters.  Soon after plans were laid in order to transform these used barrels into flooring and countertops trying simulate barrel stamped concrete such as what you can find at the Stamped Concrete Kansas City catalog for your home.


The hardwood flooring has been engineered with a stable veneer on top of the Baltic birch used in the wine barrels.

The wine barrels are manufactured in California.  The barrels are purchased mostly from that state.

As the flooring installation in allentown pa has noted, the process of turning a wine barrel into a flooring substance begins by taking the barrel apart.  Removing the hoops comes next followed by separating the heads and pulling the staves apart.

Subsequently, the floor is engineered by applying a 1/8 inch veneer to the Baltic Birch.

There are three different styles from which to choose and tilers dublin can help you choose the right ones for your house. Cooperage which uses the outside of the barrel heads and shows the cooperage stamps; wine infusion, which is taken from the inside and shows the red wine stain; and staves, which is taken from the body of the barrel and shows the hoop markings.

The environmental impact is important, as this saves the barrels from heading into the landfills.  Moreover, it helps to counteract the need for new materials for flooring.

According to the comments on the most popular thus far are the wine infusion flooring and countertops.  It takes a whole barrel just to get three square feet of flooring.  This is the case because only the heads of the barrels are used in this form.

This very unique idea is sure to catch on quickly as more and more people look for environmentally responsible ways to renovate and build. Quality Water Based Epoxy Coating

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