Three New Towers Underway in Vancouver’s Business District

real estate agent vancouverThe construction of three new major office towers in downtown Vancouver’s business district has now begun.  These towers signal the long awaited addition of a business development to the area.

Interest in these buildings is rampant.  Already half of the office space has been spoken for by companies and investors. While not all homes go this far, the NetZero homes were built by a large team of contractors like electrical professionals that know how to use an Electric Benders For Rigid Conduit and how to install and use solar heating systems, electrical solar energy for the homes and other contractors were hired for their expertise in  high efficiency building materials including walls, doors, windows, they’d like to achieve something very close to a net zero energy purchase, but of course all of this would have to be inspected by the building services.

The almost 1.2 million square feet of new office area won’t be ready for another 2-3 years, however some buildings standing in the way of the new development have already begun and formwork have already started by the Suspended Slab Formwork Systems.

Telus is acquiring a 22-storey building that has 500,000 square-foot of space and the company is also planning on spending seven hundred and fifty million dollars on redevelopment in the area, and they even invest in the green area, including gardens and trees, which they maintain with the use of professional arborists. The entire block from Robson to Richards street and from Georgia to Seymour is to be renamed Telus Garden. Stainless steel balustrades will make up most of the gates and barriers around the area. In doing so the area will have its security bases more than covered while maintaining a consistent aesthetic style so that the place will look like one unified complex.

Telus will take up nine of the storeys in the 22 storey building and three others will be housed by the law firm Bull Houser Tupper.

Some of the other buildings going up include the 400,000-square-foot project for B.C. Investment Management Corp.  This 24 storey building will be located on Thurlow St.  This particular project is scheduled to be completed by 2015, the same time as the Telus block is scheduled for completion.

Oxford Properties is set to take on a 25 storey tower with a completion date for an earlier 2014.  Credit Suisse will be housing itself in another thirty storey tower to be erected on the Howe and Pender Street Exchange.

This boom in the city’s downtown business sector is welcome news to many say Vancouver realtors.  The plans for the developments were spurred on by the approval three years ago by Vancouver’s council of a Metro core study.

The buildings are part of the larger boom in building in Vancouver at the moment.  According to the city, 19 new office space development projects are under construction or under the application process at present.  It is hoped these will all help to build the economic and employment situation of the city.

According to experts, for every million dollars of construction work, one year of full time employment can be expected for 12-15 people.

Realtors Vancouver are hopeful that these properties for sale Vancouver will continue to make Vancouver an appealing place to live, thereby spurring the housing market as well.  Homes for sale Vancouver and condos for sale Vancouver continue to be attractive investments to foreign investors as well as those local residents seeking to get into the housing market.

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