Traffic Circles and Cyclists’ Road Safety

vancouver streetsRecently, more and more attention has been drawn to the dangers of traffic circles, or mini roundabouts for cyclists.  While these have increasingly been instituted in the city of Vancouver and elsewhere as a means to slow down traffic, there are a variety of reasons why these are actually causing more problems than they are solving. Ads for traffic lawyers seem to pop up daily on radio stations, highway billboards and the Internet. There are numerous websites that advertise and offer traffic ticket attorneys’ addresses in their directories. Therefore, finding one is not a hard task. Traffic attorneys help you explain your situation to the authorities. Explanations of causes of the traffic misdemeanors like speeding to get to a hospital, or parking in front of a fire hydrant due to a sudden emergency require a plausible explanation to the judge. Whether you have suffered serious personal injury in an automobile accident, motor vehicle accident, trucking accident, eighteen wheeler accident, motorcycle accident, hit by a drunk driver, injured by a defective product, or by a dangerous premises condition, the goal of any lawyer like a truck accident lawyer from a trusted law firm similar to mike morse injury law firm is to secure to compensate the injured party for the damages incurred. Evidence concerning damages in personal injury cases must be thoroughly presented with competent and admissible evidence by a rear-end automobile accident lawyer in salt lake city in order to ensure the injured client is fairly compensated. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you will need an experienced Boston, MA 02131, USA personal injury trial attorney to properly prepare your case for trial and present the evidence to the court and jury. For more legal details you may visit and other similar websites.

When I try a case in Court, I tell the jury the absolute truth. I tell the jury that my client would rather go back to the day before the accident and have his or her health back, as opposed to any amount of money. Unfortunately, such a request is not possible. Therefore, monetary damages is the only possible way we have to attempt to provide some type of compensation you can receive after being injured in a car accident for the terrible and tragic damages sustained in accidents which should have not occurred but for the negligence of the wrongful party.

However, if it occurs that you get involved to any car accidents due to DWI, you can probably discover this info here containing some effective and reliable DWI lawyers who can defend and win the DWI charges filed against you.

Common types of recoverable damages in personal injury lawsuits include the following:

Past and Future Medical Bills

After a serious accident, the injured victim may need medical treatment from an emergency room hospital, medical doctors, nurses, surgeons, physical therapists, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, and more. Such medical treatment is expensive. Contact to New York City Law Firm to get legal help.

Tort law allows injured victims who have sustained personal injuries proximately caused by the negligence of another party to recover for their past medical bills if (1) the medical treatment was necessary, and (2) the charges (bills) for the medical treatment were reasonable at the time and place incurred.

Even if you are covered by health insurance, an injured victim is entitled to recover all medical bills paid and incurred (owed). The health insurance company will, in almost all personal injury cases, ask for reimbursement for the monies paid on behalf of the injured victim if the insured recovers for medical bills from a third party. This is called subrogation and without it the cost of health insurance would most likely increase dramatically. If you need a health blog you should Check this out.

Where there is no reason or excuse other than negligence, a traffic attorney might be able to help you get a judgment with which you are satisfied. Click here to find more about Long Island Traffic Ticket Attorney | Law Firm of Gianni Karmily, PLLC. There are several attorneys that rush to the accident scenes with the intention of representing the victims showing a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. These are just a few in the big-money spectrum that is considered a growing legal market. However, it’s the speeders and drunk drivers who are chasing the lawyers to represent them before judges.

There are traffic attorneys who often devote their entire practice to traffic tickets. They are known as the ticket specialists. Sometimes they handle hundreds of cases per day. To prove just how serious it is, some even offer a money-back guarantee if they fail to get your fine reduced or keep the ticket off your record as a marketing ploy. Mitchell Frank, who has been a traffic ticket attorney in Plantation, Florida, for more than a decade says they take whomever they want, and it’s just built into the system that if there are errors on the ticket, it gets dismissed. If there are no mistakes, then it’s not going to be dismissed, but they still might get out of the points and the school and get a reduced fine, like a reward for a good record.

However there are concerns with whether the traffic lawyers deliver the goods. The lawyers get the tickets dismissed since they know the technicalities. The lawyers also know which tickets they can’t get dismissed and since when the ticket is perfect, on the courts side, there is not much the lawyer will to be able to do for you, so they make a bargain or plea on such. The traffic ticket lawyers are great if one doesn’t have time to go to court or if their driving record isn’t great.

At least two recent studies have shown that these traffic circles are causing more risks for cyclists than regular intersections.  Not only do many people, motorists and cyclists included, not know the proper way to use them, but they can also be very dangerous in icy or wet weather. All of our traffic ticket attorneys are licensed in Louisiana. One or more lawyers are licensed in all federal district courts in Louisiana, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States. call for a qualified Baton Rouge traffic ticket attorney. The attorney responsible for this website is Kevin Kleinpeter.

Traffic tickets can end up costing people a lot of money. Unpaid tickets will continue to cost a person money. The fine it’s self is bad enough, but when interest and penalties are added, a person may be looking at shelling out a small fortune. Anyone, would expect that once the ticket has been paid, the matter is closed but this is not the case. Insurance rates can be greatly increased as a result of repeated tickets. Too many may actually cause insurance companies to cancel a policy. This is not to mention legal fees which will be incurred. People may in fact be arrested and jailed, and find themselves in need of a lawyer. This of course will mean even more money will be wasted.

People who want to avoid receiving traffic tickets, should start by doing their best to obey speed limits. This of course will also ensure the safety of anyone who’s on the road. When some people are in a hurry, they tend to speed. This does not always get people to their destination more quickly. This is a major cause of serious accidents, which may end someone’s life.

Directional signals are an important part of an automobile. Still, many people refuse to use them. Often these are the same people that are surprised when they are hit from behind by a driver who did not know they were turning. People should remember to use their signals, any time they turn. This will keep people safer and save them money.

All too many motorists fail to check to their left when entering a traffic circle.  Some seem likewise to refuse to slow down which is in effect the whole reason for the institution of these roundabouts in the first place.  Some people stop when in fact they have the right away creating a good deal of confusion for everyone.

If you don’t know how to use a roundabout it is certainly worth looking up the rules so as not to cause confusion or worse while driving.  Aside from these dangers however there are other issues with roundabouts that have been brought up by those who commute frequently by bike.

For cyclists, these roundabouts can be dangerous especially during icy weather.  Because of the turning required and the significant front wheel angle that you need to get, falling becomes more likely.  In bad road conditions this can actually be treacherous.

Some traffic circles have also reduced visibility due to plants and other well meaning obstructions in the middle of the circle.  While these additions can certainly be beautiful, they can also be dangerous for cyclists and motorists alike.

So although with the best intentions these roundabouts have been added to reduce traffic speed, the fact of the matter is that they can do more harm than good in some areas.  If you are a Vancouver real estate owner that commutes by bike or even a motorist that finds these additions distracting or dangerous, talk to you local city representative about alternatives.

Reference: Florida Ticket Firm.

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