Unruly Condo Owners

vancouver condo for saleWhen it comes to condos for sale meeting etiquette, some people truly miss the mark.  But just how should a fellow owner be dealt with when he or she continues to make meetings a disaster?

According to experts, an unruly condo owner should be dealt with by the person who chairs the meeting.  Only the chairperson really has the authority to deal with this type of disruption.  Anyone who is truly causing a problem can be expelled from the meeting.

Of course, expelling an owner from a condo meeting should really be the last resort and should only be used after other options have failed.  By setting out the guidelines for acceptable behaviour and rules for contributions to discussion at the outset of a meeting, the chairperson can hopefully put a stop to any difficulties before they arise.

Sometimes, however, an owner can be disruptive to his fellow neighbours after the meeting is over.  When this occurs you will have to deal with it in a somewhat different way.

First off, you will want to get the board to send out a letter to the harassing owner explaining the issue and requesting an immediate cessation of the harassing behaviour.  In some cases this letter might be sent from the corporation itself of its legal counsel.

The harassed owner, him or herself should make sure that they keep a log book of the times and dates in which the harassment occurred.  Record the incident itself as well and keep these records just in case you need them later on.

If the letter fails to make the harasser desist in his or her behaviour further action may be required.  Finding out about your legal rights through either your own or the corporation’s counsel should be the next step.

Talk you your Vancouver Realtors for more advice on this topic.

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