Updating your Fireplace

mls-listings-vancouverNo matter what time of year it is, the fireplace is often the focal point of a living room and cleaning a stove is also important. Though it may receive scant attention during the summer months, come wintertime this central point becomes the highlight of many rooms. If you don’t have a fireplace, then hire fireplace installation experts to take care of it for you. Having a fireplace makes a huge difference in the value of the house and, most importantly, in the comfort it provides to those that live in it, fire damage can happen if not installed properly. Give them a call if you’re looking to get one, or perhaps renew your current one. If you’re looking at a drab and dreary relic of the past, you need not get out a sledge hammer and start from scratch.  Indeed, there are several small wall fireplace ideas that you can use to dramatically alter the look and feel of the whole room.

If your brick fireplace is painted and you’d like to remove the paint begin by cleaning the entire area with soap and water, you could also use an Eufy 15C vs 30C.  Allow the area to dry completely and then use store gel paint remover available at any hardware store.  Make sure to wear a n95 vented mask and gloves to avoid breathing in the fumes or absorbing them through your skin.  Also make sure to use newspapers, a tarp or other material to protect floors and areas not being treated.
Wood pellets are made from recycled materials and are heavily compressed, which reduces the moisture content. Dry fuel creates more heat, causing the pellets to burn hotter and cleaner than their wood counterparts. Wood pellet stoves also emit fewer pollutants than traditional fireplaces. They’re considered to be carbon neutral by many environmentalists, due to the fact that the pellets are made from trees that lived on carbon, so the two cancel each other out. The pellets also are inexpensive, and you can purchase them from dkbrænde in small quantities as needed, versus the upfront costs of purchasing a cord of firewood.

Pat down the fireplace surface with a dry fabric such as an old bed sheet, leaving the sheet in place as the surface dries.  During the drying process the paint and other residual mess will begin to adhere to the material’s surface.

A good thirty minutes should allow for the process to work.  Once you’re ready, remove the sheet carefully and wash down the brick to remove any other residue, in case any crack is found we recommend this brick repair contractor who is well recommended by the previews users.

If you are planning on repainting the fireplace you’ll want to make sure you fill in any gaps and remove any loose pieces.  Wash everything again with clean water.

Use either a latex paint or an exterior paint for tough jobs and hire exterior house painting services to do the job for you.  You’ll have an amazing new focal point for your home in very little time.

Updating the mantel is another option for redoing your fireplace’s look and feel.  You can also get affordable floating shelves to highlight your precious collections.  Just make sure to edit and not overdo it with too many pieces. If the fireplace is made of brick as it usually is, you could call a masonry repair service to come and renovate that classic brick look. The same goes for your walls, which may or may not apply depending on the style used of course. It’s hard to tell the difference, but these surfaces change in their appearance overtime, and having a professional service them greatly rejuvenates their overall look.

It is important to note that a fire place is a common fire hazard, and because of this, fire suppression systems are a must. An open flame of that size can cause any number of issues, so you should be very careful when using it. You should also hire fire damage restoration professionals to assist you if there is indeed a fire. The main reason being that fire damage professionals are able to assess if the house has incurred structural damage, which is not always readily apparent. Based on their evaluation you will be able to learn what work is required and how long it will take.

The fireplace is one of the most central elements to a living space.  If your Vancouver home for sale is not showing as well as you’d like, think about a simple fireplace update to really garner a buyer’s attention. Just make sure to install protection with the help of fire protection engineers.

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